November 25, 2021 Press Releases

Thanks to Pres. Biden and Democrats, Arizonans Have a Lot to Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

PHOENIX — Let’s lay it all on the table: Last November, when Arizona sent Joe Biden to the White House and Mark Kelly to the U.S. Senate, this country was in disarray. Since then, Democrats have been hard at work cutting taxes and lowering costs for Arizona families, rolling out a successful nationwide vaccination program, and passing a historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that’s going to create jobs and transform our state.

Meanwhile, Arizona Republicans have done nothing but sit on the sidelines and obstruct any progress that will help our state return to any semblance of normalcy.

Let’s dish:

Passed without a single Republican vote, President Biden’s American Rescue Plan:

  • Got shots in arms: Nearly 200 million Americans — including almost 4 million Arizonans — have been fully vaccinated.
  • Put checks in pockets: Economic impact payments helped 4.4 million Arizonans — 87% of all adults — make ends meet.
  • Cut taxes: Each month, the families of 1.4 million Arizona children receive $353 million in middle-class tax cuts to help cover the cost of raising kids.
  • Safely reopened schools: Arizona schools received over $2.5 billion to provide the resources they needed to return to in-person learning while protecting the health and safety of students and educators.
  • Supported small businesses: Arizona small businesses received over $200 million in loans to ensure that they could keep their doors open and their staff on payroll.
  • Led us to an unprecedented economic recovery: Since President Biden took office, the Arizona unemployment rate has fallen from 6.7% to 5.2%.

Passed without the support of a single Arizona Republican, President Biden’s monumental Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is set to:

  • Transform our state: The legislation will invest over $7 billion for roads, bridges, water systems, high-speed internet connectivity, public transportation, airports, ports, climate resiliency, and more.
  • Create a generation of jobs: The historic package will create jobs for the tradesmen, construction workers, manufacturers, transportation workers, city planners, and engineers who plan, build, and execute the infrastructure projects.
  • Build Back Arizona: Upgraded roads, modernized airports, and enhanced internet connectivity will build an Arizona for the future and ensure that our state is an attractive destination for families and businesses. 

For all of that and more, we are grateful to Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress.