June 4, 2019 Press Releases

Tariffs, Health Care, And Taxes: “Town Hall” Questions For McSally

Three Questions Martha McSally Should Answer At Tonight’s “Town Hall”

Tariffs, health care, and taxes: three issues that Martha McSally should address during her telephonic “town hall” event with Sen. Lindsey Graham
McSally has failed to so much as slow Trump’s impending tariffs on Mexican imports — and now she’s holding an event with Lindsey Graham, who’s cheered on the Mexican-import tariffs that would be a disaster for Arizona working families

PHOENIX — As President Donald Trump warns that he will next week begin inflicting economic chaos and pain on Arizona families, U.S. Sen. Martha McSally is tonight holding a telephonic “town hall” event with her colleague Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is not only one of the Senate’s biggest supporters of Republicans’ proposed Mexican-import tariffs, but also the author of an infamous bill that would have gutted coverage protections for 2.8 million Arizonans with pre-existing conditions.

Here are three topics that McSally should be asked about tonight:

1. Trump’s Mexican-Import Tariff Threat. President Trump is charging ahead with this threatened tariffs on Mexican imports that would devastate Arizona businesses, consumers, and working families. You claim to have influence with the White House. If that’s true, why aren’t you putting Arizona first in Washington? Why have you failed to do anything to stop or slow down the Mexican-import tariffs?

2. Graham’s Plans Gutting Pre-Existing Condition Coverage Protections. You weren’t in the U.S. Senate in September 2017, when the Sen. Graham-authored Graham-Cassidy bill was introduced. Like other health care plans you’ve supported, the measure would have gutted consumer protections and let insurance companies discriminate against Arizonans with pre-existing conditions. You say it’s “fake news” that you’ve shifted on health care policy — do you still support Sen. Graham’s plan, and would you vote for it in the Senate, if it were reintroduced?

3. The GOP Tax Law’s Giveaway to Corporations and Billionaires. Report after report has reconfirmed that the 2017 Republican tax law that you supported was a massive giveaway to powerful corporate special interests and the richest 1 percent of Americans.

More information on Sen. McSally’s “town hall,” including how to participate, is available here.