July 28, 2020 Press Releases

“Surge Of Hungry Arizona Families” Expected, As GOP Lets Jobless Benefits Expire

A “Surge Of Hungry Arizona Families” Expected As Senate Republicans Let Jobless Benefits Expire And Push Deep Cuts

Martha McSally refuses to oppose Republicans’ push to slash jobless benefits for Arizonans who lost work due to the pandemic

PHOENIX — At least one Arizona food bank is preparing for a “surge of hungry Arizona families,” after Martha McSally and Senate Republicans last week left “in the lurch millions of jobless Americans,” allowing the expiration of enhanced jobless benefits for hundreds of thousands of Arizonans who lost work due to the pandemic.

Rather than stand up to her party and fight for Arizona working families, McSally allowed the enhanced benefits to expire — which will reduce Arizona’s jobless benefits to “just $240 a week for several hundred thousand Arizonans — the second lowest” in the country.

One result of McSally’s failed leadership: Arizona’s United Food Bank expects the GOP cut to jobless benefits to cause a “surge” in the number of Arizona families seeking nutritional support.

Despite the pandemic, McSally voted to cap the jobless benefits back in March, and she has since criticized the expanded unemployment insurance.

More recently, McSally hasn’t spoken out against Republicans’ proposal to slash the jobless benefits expansion — ignoring the pain that it would cause Arizona families who are fighting hard to get through the economic crisis.

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