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Please review the following submitted Candidate Interest submissions for your information. The Submission form, https://forms.gle/n25vdtx74PwPBxLM7, is available if you or you know someone interested. The deadline for submissions is January 23rd, 2023 by 5 pm. Additionally, more information regarding role description, the voting process, and more can be found at https://azdem.org/state-committee-info/ and the ADP Rules at https://azdem.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/ADP-Bylaws_Oct-11-2022.pdf.

Party Chair 

Yolanda Bejarano

email: [email protected]

phone: 480-200-0702

Submitted biography:

I am running to be the next Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party because I am committed to building a stronger party that is capable of delivering up and down the ballot. In 2022, we saw historic wins due to early investments and Democrats working together to make sure Arizonans knew what we stood for and got out to vote. But we also know there’s more to do — in 2024, we have to win back the State House and State Senate and elect more Democrats to Congress, in addition to securing our U.S. Senate seat and Arizona’s 11 presidential electoral votes. And with Republicans doubling down on their dangerous agenda that has all but ended the right to an abortion, defunded our public schools, villainized immigrants instead of working to fix the system, and denied our fair and free elections, our work has never been more important.

I am a lifelong Arizonan and the daughter of immigrants. I grew up in Roll, a small town right outside Yuma. My father was a farm mechanic and my mother a homemaker. As a lifelong community activist, I have committed my life to supporting Arizonans and lifting up communities too often left behind. As the Field Director with the Communications Workers of America (CWA), an affiliate of the AFL-CIO, I recruit and train union members to build worker power through electoral work. I have facilitated over 50 trainings for union members focused on political and leadership development. Having led the political field program for CWA in Arizona and across the country, I have helped scores of Democratic candidates get elected to office up and down the ballot.

With so much at stake in the years ahead, it’s critical that we build on our foundation to continue empowering people of color and young Arizonans. If we invest in these critical communities and leverage the energy in Arizona to further strengthen our party, we will continue to elect Democrats up and down the ballot for years to come. I’ve spent my career organizing in every community, fighting for Arizona families, and successfully supporting Democratic candidates across the state. It would be an honor to continue that work as Arizona Democratic Party Chair.

Steve Gallardo

email: [email protected]

phone: 602-626-0821

Submitted biography:

Steve Gallardo is one of the most prominent progressive voices in Arizona today. A native-born Arizonan, and one of the most well-known Latino leaders in the Arizona Democratic Party, Steve has been a proven fighter in the progressive movement for nearly three decades. That’s why Governor-Elect Hobbs and a broad coalition of labor unions endorse him for State Party Chair.

Steve has devoted his adult life to public service at the local, county, and state level. He understands that sustained change is only possible by building power at the grassroots level.

Steve got his start as an organizer in Maricopa County, developing candidate training programs, spearheading voter registration drives, and organizing Get Out The Vote campaigns. Steve knows firsthand that we grow our party through the hard work of voter registration and investing in the ground game.

In 2006, Steve chaired the ballot initiative that instituted a state minimum wage in Arizona, granting relief to hundreds of thousands of working people. And in ten years in the state legislature, Steve was among the loudest voices fighting for civil rights, sounding the alarm against GOP attempts at voter suppression, and gaining national attention for his leadership in the fight against SB 1070.

During his term as State Representative, Senator Gallardo served as the House Minority Whip and in 2013 was selected to be Senate Democratic Whip.

In 2015, Steve was elected to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, where he still serves as the sole Democrat. Steve worked with his fellow Supervisors to fight back against Donald Trump’s attempts to undermine democracy and overthrow the Constitution following the 2020 election.

Steve has continued to stand strong against attacks on our democracy as Kari Lake, Mark Finchem, and Abe Hamadeh attempt to undermine the results of the 2022 elections.

Steve is also very involved with the local and national Hispanic community and served as a member of such organizations as NALEO (National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials), LCLAA (Labor Council for Latin American Advancement), and is an MALDEF alumnus (Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund).

Steve is a proven leader who knows what it takes to win. He’ll bring his experience as a winning elected official and leader of grassroots campaign efforts to the Arizona Democratic Party to deliver real change for Arizonans. As Chair, Steve will be laser-focused on growing our party to greater heights, from flipping the state legislature in 2024, to winning local offices up and down the ballot.


1st Vice Chair

Paul Eckerstrom

email: [email protected]

phone: 520-400-4978

Submitted biography:

I am running for 1st Vice Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party. I am long-time Democratic activist from Pima County. I worked on Congressman Mo Udall’s campaigns in the early 1980’s and later in 1987 through February 1988, I worked as a field organizer for Governor Bruce Babbitt’s Presidential Campaign in the Iowa caucuses. I have been a precinct committee person most of my adult life as well as a state committee person most that time as well. While working as a prosecutor in the Arizona Attorney General’s Office for both Janet Napolitano and Terry Goddard, I became the Pima County Democratic Chair from 2003 to 2006 where I helped build the Pima County Party into the strong, sustainable organization it is today. I was elected Arizona Democratic Party Chair in 2009 but had to resign for reasons of work commitments in my new day job at the time.

Recently, I have been involved in down ballot races in Pima County. In 2016, I was the campaign manager and Treasurer for former State Senator Charlene Pesquiera’s successful campaign for Justice of the Peace. In 2021, with the help of former Senator Paula Aboud, I helped redistrict the map for Pima County Justices of the Peace Precincts that was approved by the Pima County Board of Supervisors. Afterwards, with Paula’s help, we recruited three new progressive candidates for Justice of the Peace who all won, changing the make-up of the Court to be more progressive. One of those new Judges is the first Native American to be elected in the Ajo Precinct, which includes almost the entire Tohono O’odham nation.

As a former County and State Chair, I believe I can help the new Chair accelerate the process of turning Arizona blue as demographics move in the right direction for electing Democrats across Arizona. The next step should be a focus on capturing the State Legislature that has not been in Democratic hands since 1966. I have been involved in the past and more recently in 2022, setting up Independent Committees in support of Legislative candidates which, in the future, we need to do in a much bigger way to win. I also believe we need to run someone even in the reddest districts. With clean election money, these legislative candidates can bring the Democratic message to every corner of the State, even in these red areas, which in turn helps candidates up-ballot. My motto is “persuade and win!”

Senior Vice Chair

Sierra Yamanaka

Submitted biography: 

Sierra Yamanaka has worked to elect Democrats in Arizona since 2014 when she started as an intern and then field organizer for Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick. A native of Tucson, Sierra graduated from the University of Arizona Honors College where she received her bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Spanish and a certificate in Civic Leadership. Sierra has held a number of paid and elected leadership positions in the Arizona Democratic Party, including President of the Young Democrats of Arizona and Chair of the Arizona Democratic AAPI Caucus. Sierra also served as Arizona’s National Committeewoman on the Democratic National Committee, the first Asian-American from Arizona to serve on the DNC.

In 2020, Sierra worked on the Coalitions team for the Biden campaign, working hard to organize the AAPI community, young Americans and students, rural voters, and people with disabilities. She concurrently pursued a master’s degree in Human Rights Practice from the University of Arizona, graduating in 2021, and most recently served Southern Arizona as Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick’s Deputy District Director.

Sierra is running for Senior Vice Chair to continue to build upon the work done over the last decade. With nearly nine years of experience now, she knows what it takes to continue to win elections, and to build an inclusive Party that reflects Arizona. From down-ballot races to rural organizing, there are so many opportunities to continue to grow Democratic power in the state we all love, and it’s important to have organizers in the room for those conversations. It would be an honor to serve on the Board once again.

Vice Chairs (1 of 6)

We elect Six (6) Vice Chairs, and no more than three (3) of the six (6) may identify as the same gender. No more than four (4) of the total eight (8) Vice-Chairs shall be elected from the same county. The First Vice-Chair and Senior Vice-Chair shall be the highest- ranking.

Emilio Avila

email: [email protected]
phone: 623-703-8968

Submitted biography:

As a lifelong Arizonan and a Democrat even before I was able to vote, I look forward to being able to serve the Party if elected as a Vice Chair. I believe whole heartedly that we, not only as state committee members but as sane human beings, must do everything in our power to ensure Democrats are able to flip the legislature and regain the Senate seat from Sinema.

I first became involved with the party at the ripe age of 19, taking trips to Nevada volunteering for Senator Sanders. Months after he withdrew and endorsed our current president, I found myself campaigning for Councilwomen Yassamin Ansari and Berdetta Hodge. Thereafter managing Representative Leezah Sun and Former Representative Richard Andrade’s primary campaigns. Lastly ending the 2022 cycle managing Senator Eva Diaz’s write-in campaign after the Democratic nominee for the State Senate withdrew from the general election leaving LD22, a safe blue seat, vulnerable to a Republican with significant amounts of money behind his campaign.
I am a recent graduate from Arizona State and the Second Vice Chair for LD22. This midterm election, young people were a key factor in flipping many statewide offices. In my Legislative District alone, I played a role in electing the youngest person to office in the state of Arizona. I sincerely believe in recruiting candidates of quality, across all age groups, folks who are committed to the party and encompass traits such as being forthcoming, intelligent, and driven. I believe the party should invest significant resources into recruiting young folks to get involved in our party, young folks who will be able to learn the ropes of campaigning, learn the intricacies of policy making, and young folks who will eventually become the new face of our party.

That is why I am running for a State Party Vice Chair position, to continue the work I have done in my Legislative District and expand it to a far larger scale I would be able to as my district’s Second Vice Chair. The road towards 2024 will bring many hurdles, I simply ask for your support to help navigate through the brush.

Raymond Frey

email: [email protected]

phone: 305-395-1679

Submitted biography:

I’m Ray Frey and I’d like to serve on the AZ Dem Executive Board for a second two year term. It’s been a pleasure and an honor to have served and the experience has allowed me to see what the priorities for the state party need to be and how best I can contribute in the next two years.

The bio:
• Lived in Prescott since 2013, visited often before then
• Father and grandfather
• Psychiatric social worker currently working at local behavioral health organization
• Small business owner
• Former member IAMAW Local 125
• Chair of county Democratic party 2007 to 2013 in rural midwestern county (which we turned blue)
• Served on campaign committees for four state legislative races
• Have served on executive committee for the amazing Yavapai Democrats since 2016. Currently first vice-chair and Education/Communications vice-chair
• Executive board member, Arizona Democrats since 2021
• No plans to run for elective office

It has been many years since Democratic candidates required the blessing of the Democratic party in order to run, but that doesn’t mean the party doesn’t matter. It does. A candidate or office holder occasionally convinces themselves that they don’t need the party at all; this has typically proved to be an error. A strong party in fact helps win elections for all Democratic candidates by promulgating core values and by organizing everyone who holds those values to help elect Democrats.

AZ Dems has much to be proud of in the recent election and at the same time has work to do if we are going to build on our recent successes. As an EB member I see several challenges I will want to work on:

• Improved liaison and team building with local parties, particularly in rural areas
• Continuous organizing effort and focus on recruiting candidates for local offices
• Strengthen the council and caucus effort
• Organizational improvements and infrastructure building: code of conduct, DNC gender parity solution, bylaws/rules strengthening
• Inclusion and equity
• Continuous and clear messaging about Democratic values and aspirations

I look forward to serving Arizona Democrats in the coming election cycle and am asking for your vote. Thank you.

Will Knight

email: [email protected]
phone: (770) 608-3369

Submitted biography:

I am a Colombian-American, and my entire life has been impacted by the injustices rampant in the criminal punishment and immigration policies of our modern police state. I dedicated my career—my entire life, in many ways—to restoring humanity and empathy to our governing institutions. As an attorney, I fight for the helpless and voiceless through civil rights suits, indigent defense, and class action impact litigation. At the judiciary, I serve on the commissions dedicated to improving access to Justice and improving diversity and equity for all Arizonans. And as an advocate, I serve the party as a PC and state committee member from LD 26 in West Phoenix and Glendale.

I’m running to serve as one of your six Vice Chairs this cycle because we just watched the politics of fear undo the lessons I thought we learned as the world watched George Floyd murdered in 2020, while I was running for Maricopa County Attorney. Democrats may have over-performed at the top of the ballot in 2022, but our most important races were decimated by the same manufactured crime hysteria that has made us the most incarcerated society in world history.

As a Vice Chair, I will keep us honest with ourselves. I will make sure we don’t lose sight of the inequities hoisted on Black and brown bodies through even well-intentioned paternalism and otherization. And most importantly, I will inspire the most disenfranchised to participate in our democracy by speaking their language and earning their trust as one of them.

THAT is how we win top to bottom.

THAT is how we effectuate real change.

THAT is why our vulnerability can be our strength.

I look forward to improving Democratic engagement and voter turnout this cycle as one of your Vice Chairs of the Arizona Democratic Party.

Deydrek Scott

email: [email protected]

phone: 928-600-9437

Submitted biography:

Yá’át’ééh shik’éí dóó shidine’é,

Shí éí Deydrek Scott yinishyé, Tódích’íí’nii nishłį́ Kin Łichíi’nii bashishchiin Naasht’ézhí Tábąąhí dashicheii Ma’ii Deeshgiizhinii dashinalí. Kót’ áo Diné nishłį́.


My name is Deydrek “Dey” Scott and I am Diné from Tuba City. I have been active in local and state politics for 13 years. Since graduating from Tuba City High School, I have been registering voters and providing community outreach for nonprofits. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Public Administration at Northern Arizona University. I received my undergraduate degree from Diné College. I serve as the President of Planning and Zoning for the Tó Nanees Dizí Local Government (Tuba City Chapter House).

In my many years of community outreach, I took notice of the obstacles that Rural Arizonans face when trying to cast their ballots, registering to vote or even applying for a state identification card. Having worked at the State Senate, I know the work it will take to have Arizonian’s right to vote protected, reproductive choice for women protected, and water rights better represented for ALL of our communities.

In Arizona, Our State legislators need to make sure that public school districts have the funding so that they are able to hire qualified educators to meet the needs of our students, better pay for teachers and more support staff and counselors. This is a goal that the Arizona Democratic Party can reach by helping educators run for office.

Arizona needs laws passed that make sense, especially for the constituents of Legislative District 6 and not just the top 10% income earners in Arizona. With the House of Representatives and State Senate controlled by the GOP, we will need to work hard to get candidates elected up and down the ballot.

I hope that I can have your vote on January 28th, 2023.

Brianna Westbrook

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (623) 232 8899

Submitted Biography:

Brianna Westbrook is a transgender working-class parent from Phoenix who grew up in poverty. She has worked extensively to help the wider Phoenix community as a lifelong organizer and active Democrat. She has served on the Executive Board of the Arizona Democratic Party since 2017. She was a national surrogate for Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign. Brianna worked with Progressive Democrats of America in the fall of 2020 to ensure President Joe Biden received all 11 of Arizona’s electoral votes. Brianna Westbrook has been working with local and national progressive organizations and organizers to meet the needs of Arizonans for more than a decade. Brianna has received local and national acclaim for her activism in housing justice, public education, workers’ rights, climate action, criminal justice reform, civil rights, and LGBTQ+ advocacy. As vice chair, Brianna would push innovative, progressive ideas and collaborate with her peers to deliver meaningful benefits for all Arizonans.

Shanna Leonard

email: [email protected]

phone: ‪(520) 762-6625

Submitted Biography:

Guiding thoughts:

“Justice is what love looks like in public”
– Cornell West

“If you’re worrying about yourself— thinking: ‘… Am I being appreciated?’ — then you’re going to end up stuck. But if you can keep it about the work, you’ll always have a path. There’s always something to be done.”
– Obama

I was honored to serve as an AZDP Vice Chair in 2020 and am running for a second term.
Why? Because we have come so close to a blue Arizona. I want to use my knowledge and skills to help get us there.

20+ years: IT systems & Security / Data / Project management
8 years: Mental health professional
7 years: Small business owner, marketing, communications & social media
15+ years: Activism

Undergraduate: Computer Science, Theater
Graduate: Psychology, Management Information Systems (Coursework: Data, Social Media, Entrepreneurship)

– Listening to people, including hostile ones & understanding them.
– Problem diagnosis, research
– Persistence
– Innovation
– Writing, Social media & communications
– Technology

Current: board member LD 20/ Pima county as PCDP Executive committee rep.
Initially engaged via election issues after the orchestrated tragedy of Florida in 2000 – I learned about voter suppression, & helped legislator Ted Downing as a member of an elections integriy team – As an IT professional with computer security expertise I testified before the Pima BOS about problems with electronic voting machines – Pima subsequently voted for paper ballots of record, and I’m proud to have been a small part of the process causing paper ballots/ audits to be law in AZ.

After volunteering on and off for 15 years, 2016 energized me. You probably know why. Becoming a PC in ‘17 I then worked and organized in the 18, 20 and 22 elections. In the last cycle I coordinated, assisted and worked front-line with LD projects: data, petitions, canvassing, social media, phone & text. I stepped up to do what was needed from recruiting & supporting volunteers to working with M4AZ & LD communications( bilingual voter guide, etc.) to ballot curing.

I’m affiliated with Indivisible and was quite active in their statewide IRC team. I support a local Tucson Latino Dems group with whatever they ask.

I want to see an Arizona with far less hate and more justice, democracy, education, and opportunity for all.

As a single parent I saw how the system is rigged – Arizona abandons parents, We need good schools, daycare and healthcare.

I want a better future for my son. I believe we are all happier when we live in communities where hate is abnormal. where greed and ignorance does not crush peoples lives. I want to leave a functioning country and planet for all of our children.

My parents were activists in AZ: In the Sanctuary movement, against the Vietnam war & nuclear weapons. My mother was on the first board of NOW in Pima County. I was raised with progressive values and still live them.

Javier Ramos

email: [email protected]

phone: 602-686-0072

Submitted biography:

My name is Javier Garcia Ramos. I was raised in Cashion, Arizona by a single mother, who taught me the American democratic principles of hard work, inclusion, and equity. My first experience with democratic principles was accompanying my mother, when I was seven, at huelgas (labor strikes) in Arizona, organized by the UFW. In 2006, I volunteered for the Gabby Giffords campaign for congress. I have been practicing federal Indian law for 26 years representing tribal nations at the tribal, state, federal, and international level. I am running for a vice-chair position for three reasons: 1) elect Democrats; 2) support the Chair in fulfilling the duties of the Chair; and 3) champion the causes of the Arizona Democratic Party of inclusion and equity.


April Ignacio

Submitted biography:

Hi there! I am April Hiosik Ignacio, I am Tohono O’odham and a lone mother to six (6). I am a co-founding member of Indivisible Tohono, a grassroots community based organization that provides opportunities for civic engagement and education for members of the Tohono O’odham Nation. I have been active within the Democratic Party for the last 6 years as a PC and State committeeman, during that time I have been appointed to serve on the Executive teams for Pima County Democratic Party and the Arizona Democratic Party. I have also been proud and honored to serve as the Chair for the Arizona Democratic Party’s Native American Caucus since 2019.

I am no stranger to hard work, I am part of the working class; as a Warehouse and Fleet Manager for the Tohono O’odham Ki:Ki Association (tribal housing) and am also a student at the University of Arizona. In 2020 I was appointed to serve on the State of Arizona’s Study Committee for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and in 2022 I was appointed again to serve as a member of the State of Arizona Study Committee for Missing and Murdered Indigenous People.

In my free time, I love to visit museums, admire art, bead and read books. I host an online book club that features Native literary authors. I live on the Tohono O’odham Nation with my children.

I have canvassed and knocked on doors all over Pima County with my children in tow. I am asking for your vote to serve as a Vice Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party. I would be honored and happy to continue to serve the Democratic Party. I bring a unique perspective that includes, tribal, rural, working class and progressive views that can help keep our party moving forward for everyone.

I am asking for your vote and appreciate your commitment to democracy.

Lupe Conchas

Submitted biography: 

My name is Lupe Conchas and I am running to be one of your 6 Vice Chairs. I was raised in Prescott Valley, Arizona. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Mexican American Studies. I have previously served on the Arizona Democratic Party Executive Board as the Affirmative Action Moderator during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today I am an elected PC and State Committeeperson from Legislative District 26. I am humbly asking to be in your Top 3 on your rank choice ballot for Vice Chair. For context, I identify as a man and I live in Maricopa County.


I care deeply about preserving our basic human rights, protecting our right to vote, restoring the Permanent Early Voter List, expanding the right to an abortion, addressing chronic homelessness, investing in public education, protecting the environment, ensuring we have water in the future, combating gun violence, advancing racial justice, denouncing anti-semitism, defeating fascism, defending LGBTQ+ Arizonans, passing comprehensive immigration reform and providing economic opportunity for all. I am adamantly against the ESA universal school voucher program and the privatization of Arizona schools.


Young voters like me turned out in larger numbers in 2020 and 2022 because we know what’s at stake if we do not participate in the electoral process and vote. Over the last 4 years, I have served as the Vice President of Finance, the National Committeeperson, the President, and the Communications Director for the Young Democrats of Arizona. I have resigned from the Young Dems executive board to run to be one of your 6 Vice Chairs because I believe we are not the leaders of the future, we are the leaders of today.


Together we have successfully organized and stood up to bullies and liars in the past such as Kari Lake, Donald Trump, Joe Arpaio, and Russell Pearce. To be frank, Senator Sinema is next! If we want to flip the state legislature, we have to start organizing now. That begins by listening to and engaging all counties, legislative districts, and precincts throughout the state. My vision is to invest in every rural community from Page down to Nogales, from San Luis to Window Rock, Bullhead City to Douglas and everywhere in between.


I will remain focused on canvassing and organizing Democrats and Independents in every race, up and down the ballot. No race should be left uncontested in a healthy Democracy. My goal is to work towards creating a broad coalition of candidates from every age, race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, disability status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity & expression, marital status, and political ideology who actually give a damn about our state and the common welfare of all Arizonans.

Below I have outlined my platform:


  • It’s time we support our County Party leadership and not consultants from out of state. I will advocate for resources in Democratic strongholds and rural conservative areas starting in 2023.


  • Our Native American Dems deserve dignity and respect and we need to honor their contributions to statewide electoral victories in federal, state, and local elections. I will advocate for a budget that invests in voter registration and mobilization in our tribal communities across the state.


  • I will advocate to ensure that Democrats with seen and unseen disabilities receive the necessary accommodations in our physical, virtual, and hybrid spaces to fully participate without any barriers.


  • I will advocate for ADP Executive Board business to be transparent and accountable to our state committee members. I am running to represent you in all party affairs from the budget to the caucuses & committees.


  • I will engage the Young Democrats and their local chapters by hosting strategy and organizing meetings with them on a quarterly basis. I will work with the Party Chair and Vice Chairs to help fundraise for their statewide organizing efforts in 2024.


  • I will advocate for a balanced budget with an emphasis on increased funding allocated toward our Black and African American, Native American, Latino & Asian American Pacific Islander engagement programs.


  • I will advocate for diverse and equitable representation in our DNC delegate selection process and demand that our delegates for the 2024 National Convention reflect the Democratic Party voters in Arizona.


  • We need to challenge Representatives Crane, Ciscomani, Schweikert, Lesko, Gosar, and Biggs to increase Democratic and Independent voter turnout in those Congressional Districts. I will advocate for investments in candidate recruitment for all levels of government including school board, county-wide seats, and city councils, all the way to the United States Senate.


  • The Arizona Democratic Party has a commitment to support candidates from the signature gathering phase to election day! I will support more women, Gen Z candidates, Native American candidates, Asian and Pacific Islander candidates, folks with different abilities, first and second-generation citizens, veterans, Black men and women, LGBTQ+, candidates from all economic statuses.


  • We have the responsibility to empower ordinary people to use their extraordinary talents to win elections and run unapologetically on Democratic principles and values. No more wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Education Coordinator

Xanthe Bullard

Submitted biography: 

I am running to be the next Education Coordinator of the Arizona Democratic Party. My experience as a County Chair working with diverse populations and coalitions in a border county makes me uniquely qualified to work alongside all communities as ADP Education Coordinator for everyone’s benefit. In the 8 years I have been involved with the Arizona Democratic Party I have seen how far we have come, but I also believe we have so much potential to continue to improve. I plan to use my combination of skills and connections to help guide this party forward.

I was born into a working class family of public servants. Growing up in Michigan, my uncle served 20 years as a State Representative. I saw first hand how strong advocates and equitable policies in government offices can positively affect people’s everyday life. His dedication to improving citizens’ lives through responsible legislation is what molded my belief that elected officials should strive to do the most amount of good for the greatest number of people. That is one of the philosophies I have maintained through my tenure in politics.

I’ve worked on campaigns in multiple states, and the Coordinated Campaign in rural red Michigan. Through hardwork and dedication I turned a Michigan State Senate internship into a Senate Staff position, handling community event organizing and constituent services. During my time at Google I gained invaluable process improvement knowledge and experience working on multiple projects with different stakeholders.

I relocated to Arizona in 2015 to care for my disabled veteran father, and got involved with the Yuma Democratic Party. During my first term as a Precinct committeeperson, I was elected Treasurer and served two terms. As Treasurer, I grew our fundraising events and increased our accounts by 500%.

This is my second term as Yuma County Party Chair. I’m working diligently to increase presence and outreach in areas previously underrepresented in our party. I’ve formed partnerships with community organizations and elected officials to reach people in new ways. During redistricting I effectively mobilized our membership to advocate to the IRC for inclusion of San Luis, Arizona in the discussions which otherwise had been excluded. Working closely with the Latino/a/x Political Director of the ADP on the Border Stories tour, I was able to show senior staff a first hand look at what really goes on here in Yuma.

This is my fourth term as a State Committeeperson. I am honored to be trusted by those in my county to represent and advocate for them. Free and fair Elections are a passion of mine, and I have served two terms on the Elections Integrity Committee. Using my extensive experience as an election worker in Yuma County, I volunteered with the first fully developed Voter Protection Team Arizona had, in the 2020 election, and helped them foresee and overcome obstacles in their programs. I quickly became a boiler room captain for early voting and on Election Day, helping observers troubleshoot issues at polling locations all over the state.

I look forward to serving the ADP, and am asking for your vote.


Llama Habern

email: [email protected]

phone: 480-266-1999

Submitted biography: 

In 2022, Llama had the honor of organizing Sedona and the Verde Valley to get out the vote for Democrats, and as a result of the collective efforts of Llama and many, many other people, Yavapai County had the highest turnout rate in the state. Now, as Precinct Committee Chair for the Yavapai County Democratic Party, Llama is working to support and elevate the work of organizers across the county by providing tools, resources, thought partnership, and more.

Before moving to the Verde Valley, Llama was employed by a national nonprofit dedicated to training members to take public leadership roles in elected office, policy, advocacy, or organizing with the express purpose of fighting for educational equity. During Llama’s seven year tenure, duties included survey creation and program evaluation, workshop planning and management, and administrative duties such as reconciling AMEX card statements, all of which resulted in building an effective LGBTQ Staff Resource Group.

Llama is a queer, trans, and disabled chronic pain patient in the Verde Valley with a background in organizing, campaigns, data analysis, adult learning, event coordination, fantasy writing, and income tax preparation. Llama’s experience has been diverse and varied, always with a focus on equity. As a progressive, Llama believes that all people are guaranteed specific rights, privileges, and necessities, and Llama wants to build a world where that vision is fulfilled.

As Educational Coordinator, Llama would like to ensure that the Arizona Democratic Party’s platform is viewed with an equity lens and that all Democratic efforts in Arizona are supported, whether the district is rural or urban, competitive or not. Llama believes that it is essential to run Democrats in every office, even in uncompetitive races. When we don’t, we’re abandoning our democratic constituents in that district and telling them that they’re alone. But as Democrats, we win when we come together.


Lisa Sanor

email: [email protected]

phone: 856-571-0460

Submitted biography:

Lisa’s passion is rural communities that face racial and economic disparities especially those in her fellow LBGTQ community. She was born and raised in a very rural conservative town in Texas, much like the rural areas throughout Arizona. She has a lifetime of experience, and insight on the issues that rural communities face, because she has lived it. She understands the challenges of receiving a fair and equitable education, medical care, and quality job opportunities that many face not just in our rural communities but communities across the state.

One of the driving reasons Lisa entered the political fray was to ensure that her fellow LGBTQ members and rural citizens had a voice and an advocate that understood their needs and concerns. As racial and sexual orientation rhetoric permeated the national narrative, she saw the need to do more so she sought out her county party in the hope that her voice would add to those already working towards the society we all want. In 2019 Lisa became active in her county party, first becoming a Precinct Committeeperson and member of Pinal counties communication team, then 1st vice chair of Pinal County, and shortly after, Chair of Pinal County. Under her leadership, Team Pinal County reengaged community activists throughout the county, developed relationships with new organizations, filled and won grants for the first time and retained and gained more elected pcs than has been seen in a decade. In addition to that Team Pinal County laid the foundation of future gains by pushing and succeeding in developing organized legislative districts so that the new leaders of the county party and potential candidates gain the skills and confidence they need to be successful now and in the future.

In 2021 Lisa became Secretary of ADP and hopes to continue to bring her skillsets and determination to the Democratic party. She is a firm believer that our rural counties are where we will create lasting Democratic wins and that moving away from urban centric policies will not only build upon the wins of 2022 but create lasting changes in Arizona. She believes that each of us can change the world within our reach, but as a team we can create a more equitable future for all Arizonans. A future filled with opportunities and promise so all can achieve the American Dream.


Equity Moderator

Damián Preciado

email: [email protected]
phone:  (760) 534-0025

Submitted biography: 

Hello Fellow State Committee Members,

My name is Damián Preciado, I am running to be your next Equity Moderator. As we move into the next election cycle, I am here to work. I previously served on the ADP board from 2016-2020. First as Affirmative Action Moderator and subsequently as one of six Vice Chairs. I fully dedicated myself to the role then and I intend to do so again. I have the experience and tenacity to continue to build on the progress made by our previous Equity Moderator and deepen the collaboration with our county boards and PCs. Having served previously I am ready to start work on day one, no training needed. Promoting diversity and inclusion within an organization takes a comprehensive approach and the support of our entire community. With your vote, I can help lead the way.

Democratic Experience:
DNC Delegate – 2020
ADP Vice Chair – 2018-2020
ADP Affirmative Action Moderator – 2016-2018
LD 24 2nd Vice Chair – 2015-2016
LD 24 Communications Director – 2014

ADP Academy – A place where you can learn to be a better Democrat. Find it on our party website.
DNC Member Website – Direct access to AZ DNC Member feedback and information. A new initiative to keep our PCs and fellow Dems informed.

Married to Sandra Isabel Preciado – The love of my life.
Lives with 2 elderly dogs and 3 feisty cats – The blessing of our lives.
I enjoy biographies, art, fútbol and video games.

Business Advisor with Prestamos, Chicanos Por La Causa – serving small business in disadvantaged and multilingual communities
Co-owner White Hat Technology, a DNC approved minority vendor committed to helping Dems win elections across the country
Current Student – ASU Masters in Non-Profit Management, I started this program to be better equipped to help out party and community

I am available to you, please don’t hesitate to email me [email protected]

To all State Committee Members voting on the 28th, vote for me and tell your fellow state committee members too!



Rick McGuire

Submitted biography: 

It has been an honor to serve as your Treasurer and I ask you to support me again with your vote for this position.

Based on Federal and State statute, the legal and personal responsibility for ADP finances falls to the Treasurer. With 2 decades of experience, I have a broad knowledge of the more than 2,000 pages of rules and regulations that apply to political committees and have used that knowledge to support all our party and affiliated committees during my tenure as Treasurer. Importantly, once re-elected, I will schedule Treasurer and Chair training for all our county parties, legislative districts, and PACs. (The training will start in late February.)

In that Arizona has become and remains a battleground state, my experience has allowed us to oversee and manage even record-breaking amounts of money with complete tracking of revenue and expenses – and never once have we been fined by the Federal Elections Commission or the Secretary of State’s Office. How uncommon is that? In just the last 10 years, the FEC has closed 136 cases against State Party Committees in 46 states, territories, and the District of Columbia, with fines totaling slightly more than $1.9 million. We should be justifiably proud (and relieved) not to be on that list at all.

Thank you once again for the honor of being your ADP Treasurer and I look forward to serving again in this exciting cycle to come.

Let’s move Arizona forward.