August 13, 2020 Press Releases

Senate GOP Leave For Summer With No COVID-19 Relief

After Months Of Failed Leadership And Delays, Senate GOP Leave Town For The Summer Without New COVID-19 Relief, Jobless Benefits

PHOENIX — In Martha McSally and Republicans’ latest COVID-19 failure, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell today announced that the Senate is adjourning until September 8 — with no additional COVID-19 relief to support cities and towns, safe school reopenings, and jobless Arizonans who lost work due to the pandemic.

“It’s shameful that Martha McSally and Senate Republicans are leaving town, without new COVID-19 relief, while hundreds of thousands of Arizonans are still receiving reduced jobless benefits, and schools lack the resources to reopen safely. Arizonans deserve better than this,” said Brad Bainum, Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson.

In the ongoing COVID-19 relief negotiations, Senate Republicans have pushed major cuts to the enhanced jobless benefits that they allowed to expire late last month — following months of inaction and opposition from Republican leaders, plus silence from McSally, who failed to take action until it was “too late.”

Earlier this summer, McSally spent months ducking questions on the issue, when it mattered most — including while her Democratic opponent Mark Kelly was calling for an extension of the unemployment insurance.

In recent weeks, McSally has stood by Republicans’ proposal to slash the jobless benefits, and likewise pushed several plans of her own that would reduce the benefits.

And while Arizonans this week pushed McSally to reinstate the jobless benefits, McSally instead prioritized her political campaign.

McSally and Senate Republicans have repeatedly failed to lead on COVID-19 relief and expanded jobless benefits: