November 22, 2021 Press Releases

Republicans Lying About Dem Plan. Politifact: “Households Earning $500,000 or Less Would See a Tax Cut for 2022”

PHOENIX – Don’t believe the lies coming from Washington Republicans. Democrats’ Build Back Better plan that just passed through the House of Representatives would provide “essentially all households earning $500,000 or less…a tax cut for 2022,” per a new Politifact analysis.

This analysis shows Democrats have followed through on their promise not to raise taxes for any American family earning less than $400,000.

On top of the bipartisan infrastructure deal that was signed into law earlier this week, the Build Back Better Act is the latest example of Democrats delivering on cutting taxes, investing in infrastructure, and creating new, better-paying jobs that will support middle-class families across Arizona.

No wonder these bills are so popular.

“The same Washington Republicans who passed a tax giveaway for the wealthiest and big corporations are lying about Build Back Better. While Republicans consider rising costs a political ‘gold mine,’ Democrats are hard at work passing legislation that will take real steps towards lowering costs and cutting taxes for hardworking families across Arizona,” said ADP Executive Director Charlie Fisher. “As the Build Back Better Act passes the House and heads to the Senate, Democrats are delivering results and Arizonans are taking notice.”