December 4, 2019 Press Releases

Report: McSally-GOP Health Care Agenda “Bad News” For Arizona

Report: McSally-GOP Health Care Agenda “Bad News” For Arizona

A ruling in Republicans’ legal effort to strike down health care coverage protections is “due at virtually any moment”

PHOENIX — A new, must-read report from the Payson Roundup with the headline “Gila County residents without insurance on the rise,” outlines how Martha McSally and Republicans’ health care agenda is “bad news” for every Arizonan.

Despite her persistent efforts to mislead Arizonans on her record, McSally and her Republican allies’ health care agenda is a serious threat to Arizonans’ health care access.

That’s especially true of Republicans’ lawsuit to strike down pre-existing condition coverage protections, which McSally voted to pave the way for, and has since repeatedly refused to oppose, instead insisting that it isn’t her “role” to stand up for Arizonans’ health care:

  • Already, fewer Arizonans have health insurance following sustained GOP health care sabotage. According to the Roundup, “After years of decline, the percentage of Arizonans without medical insurance has risen again,” as “Congress has chipped away at the provisions of the ACA.” That includes a recent, Martha McSally-backed effort under which “Congress allowed the sale of ‘short term’ [also known as ‘junk’] plans that don’t meet the full requirements of regular ACA coverage” — meaning plans that are exempt from pre-existing condition coverage protections and Essential Health Benefits requirements that force insurers to offer prescription drug coverage.
  • On top of that, “some 600,000 Arizonans could lose their healthcare” if Republicans’ ongoing health care coverage protections lawsuit is successful. As the Roundup puts it, “[M]ore bad news may await — if a lawsuit by states supported by the federal Justice Department finally kills the Affordable Care Act […] If the lawsuit succeeds, some 600,000 Arizonans could lose their healthcare. That includes both people who have obtained insurance through the ACA exchanges and people who gained coverage through the federally funded expansion of AHCCCS.”
  • And the lawsuit would likely revoke Arizona’s expansion of AHCCCS, which covers 2 in 5 Arizona kids and “has saved lives.” According to the Roundup, “National studies show that the expansion of Medicaid programs like AHCCCS has saved lives […] Statewide, 28 percent of residents rely on AHCCCS […] Children account for 44 percent of those covered, adults under 64 for about 50 percent. Adults older than 64 make up about 6 percent, mostly the impoverished disabled cared for in nursing homes.”

Read the full Payson Roundup report here.