April 2, 2020 Press Releases

Report: McSally “Did Not Take Any Action” To Help Tribes

Report: Martha McSally “Did Not Take Any Action” To Secure COVID-19 Stimulus Funding For Tribal Communities

White House and Senate GOP reportedly “wanted to give $0 to tribes” in $2 trillion stimulus bill

McSally named among Senators who reportedly “would have been satisfied with zero” and “did not take any action until Democrats pressed them to help”

PHOENIX — It’s no secret that U.S. Sen. Martha McSally voted to advance Mitch McConnell’s initial partisan stimulus plan that “didn’t initially have much for tribes,” until Democrats negotiated for additional funding for tribal communities

And a new devastating report from HuffPost suggests that Senate Republicans “would have been satisfied with zero” going to tribal communities, and that Senators — including McSally — “did not take any action until Democrats pressed them to help.”

HuffPost: The White House Wanted To Give $0 To Tribes In The $2 Trillion Stimulus Bill

By Jennifer Bendery, 4/1/2020

In the end, tribes got about $10 billion in the emergency $2 trillion stimulus bill that President Donald Trump signed into law last Friday.

But if the White House had its way, tribes wouldn’t have gotten a penny in direct relief, according to three Senate Democratic aides familiar with negotiations on the bill. And if Senate Republicans had their way, tribes would have gotten way less than they got.


Were any Senate Republicans actively trying to secure direct relief for tribes? Sens. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) and Steve Daines (R-Mont.) wrote a letter to McConnell on March 20, urging him to include money for tribes in the relief package. But beyond that, at least according to these three Democratic aides, the two senators didn’t take any action until Democrats pressed them to help in the final 24 hours.

“Tribes were an afterthought,” said one of the aides. “The White House and Republicans would have been satisfied with zero.”

Aides to McSally and Daines did not respond to requests for comment.

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