October 3, 2019 Press Releases

Rep. Gallego Highlights McSally’s Record Ahead Of Pence Fundraiser

LISTEN: Rep. Ruben Gallego Highlights Martha McSally’s Record Of Voting Against Arizonans, Ahead Of Mike Pence Fundraiser

PHOENIX — Ahead of unelected Sen. Martha McSally‘s “high-dollar fundraiser” with Vice President Mike Pence tonight, U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego this afternoon discussed Pence’s Arizona visit and McSally’s record of putting her party ahead of Arizonans.

Highlights from Rep. Gallego’s remarks:

  • Rep. Gallego noted that McSally votes with Mitch McConnell and her party 98% of the time — “Since joining the Senate, [McSally] has stuck to her record of voting with McConnell and Pence’s agenda […] 98% of the time.”
  • Rep. Gallego highlighted that outside groups linked to Mitch McConnell spent at least $22 million in support of McSally’s failed 2018 campaign  — “Outside support for Senator McSally’s political campaigns is nothing new. Last election, different Republican special interest groups linked to Mitch McConnell spent more than $22 million to help elect Martha McSally.”
  • Rep. Gallego discussed McSally’s recent vote to let the Trump-Pence Administration raid $30 million from Arizona’s Fort Huachuca — “We just saw […] last week when Senator McSally voted to let the Trump Administration raid $30 million in military construction funding from Fort Huachuca. And she did it even though the Army warned of the unsafe conditions that required the construction project […] She abandoned it for the Trump-Pence agenda.”
  • Rep. Gallego hit on McSally’s record of enthusiastically voting to gut pre-existing condition coverage protections — “And let’s not forget her record on health care […] Instead of actually trying to reverse that mistake [and her votes to gut pre-existing condition coverage protections], she only continues to support the McConnell-Trump agenda to really gut health care.”
  • Rep. Gallego noted that McSally insists it isn’t her “role” to take a stand against the Trump-Pence lawsuit to gut health coverage protections —“McSally said it’s not actually her responsibility or her ‘role’ to oppose the Trump-Pence lawsuit to dismantle pre-existing conditions […] this is not the leadership that we need in the Senate.”

You can listen to the audio here.

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