November 12, 2019 Press Releases

Reminder: McSally Backed Off DACA Fix To Advance Political Career

Reminder: McSally Abandoned Bipartisan DACA Fix She Once Supported

Time and again, Martha McSally has sought to advance her political career at the expense of Arizonans


PHOENIX — Today’s U.S. Supreme Court oral arguments on Republican efforts to end the DACA program are a searing reminder that Martha McSally can’t be trusted to put Arizonans first in Washington. When she thought it would advance her political career, McSally didn’t hesitate to abandon DACA and a bipartisan immigration reform bill she had previously co-sponsored to protect DACA recipients.

  • Dropped support for bipartisan DACA fix bill — Despite previously claiming to support DACA recipients, in May 2018 McSally “dropped her support” for a bipartisan bill that would have provided them a pathway to citizenship. McSally made the “painfully obvious shift” to benefit her political campaign and fend off criticism from Kelli Ward, her then-primary opponent.
  • Deleted video supporting DACA — Then, just days later, McSally took things a step further, removing a video of herself praising the DACA program. Again the move was seen as part of McSally’s “startling downward spiral” to boost her political campaign at the expense of policies that would be good for Arizona.

When it mattered most, Martha McSally put her political career first — at the expense of Arizonans and Dreamers.

Now, it’s happening again: Martha McSally is once more standing by as her party attacks a program that has not only brought stability, security, and prosperity for nearly 700,000 young people — including about 25,000 here in Arizona — but also “contributed billions of dollars to the economy.” The downward spiral continues.

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