June 17, 2021 Press Releases

Release: The Gloves Come Off in Messy AZ GOP Senate Primary

PHOENIX — Welp…that didn’t take long.

It’s been less than a week since the Senate GOP primary became a three-man race and already Brnovich and Lamon are attacking each other as the entire primary field races to prove who is more willing to sell out Arizonans to earn President Trump’s support.

In a new CNN report, Lamon and Brnovich previewed their attacks against each other, with Lamon’s spokesperson arguing Brnovich “has never had President Trump’s back,” and Brnovich’s team firing back that Lamon is “unvetted” (McGuire, meanwhile, most likely breathed a deep sigh of relief that he escaped getting called a flip-flopper).

The article also detailed how Trump’s highly coveted endorsement hasn’t been able to fully clear a primary field, further bad news for Republicans in this sure to be long-running Arizona nominating contest.

As a reminder, Trump has taken center stage in this primary from the start. Lamon has run ads targeting Trump’s New Jersey golf course. In response to blistering criticism from Trump, “lackluster” Brnovich has decided to fully support the conspiracy-driven Maricopa ‘audit.’ McGuire has similarly flip-flopped from acknowledging Biden as president, to saying he’s “disappointed” the Electoral College didn’t overturn the election.

“Lamon and Brnovich’s attacks are just the start of what’s sure to become a damaging, expensive, and long-running primary centered around President Trump, where no candidate emerges unscathed,” said ADP Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer. “As these candidates race to prove who’s most willing to cater to Trump’s every whim, voters are left wondering just how many Arizona priorities will be sold off in exchange for a shiny Trump endorsement.”