April 22, 2021 Press Releases

Release: Statement from the Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party on Lawsuit Against Senate President Fann’s Dangerous Maricopa “Audit”

PHOENIX – Arizona Democratic Party Chair, Raquel Terán released the following statement.

“From the day President Joe Biden won the election in Arizona, far-right Republicans have relentlessly taken any and every opportunity to try and rewrite reality to fit the narrative that the election was stolen.

“It was not.

“The 2020 election was the most secure U.S. election in history according to former President Trump’s own officials. And it is truly disappointing to see elected leaders like President Fann cave to the fringes of the GOP and parrot the talking points of conspiracy theorists and charlatans who are capitalizing on the weak leadership of Arizona’s Republican legislators.

“The lack of transparency around this ‘audit’ is astounding and we will not stand idly by as Senate President Fann opens up our secure election to unqualified and completely unhinged actors who believe the ‘big lie.’ This has gone far enough and we are hopeful that the courts will put an end to this embarrassing and dangerous circus.

“In the absence of action from Republicans like Governor Doug Ducey or Attorney General Mark Brnovich who call themselves leaders, the Arizona Democratic Party believes this is the best course of action to protect all Arizonans who made their voices heard in the 2020 election and defend our democratic institutions.”

A copy of the Arizona Democratic Party’s lawsuit can be found here.