June 1, 2021 Press Releases

Release: Professional Donor Lamon Makes TV Ad Buy In…New Jersey

Phoenix– Today, Professional Political Donor and GOP Senate Candidate Jim Lamon placed a TV ad buy in the New Jersey and New York media market. This means starting tomorrow, Lamon will be teeing off campaign commercials ~2,000 miles away from the state where he’s actually running for Senate.

Why? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Lamon’s Fox News ad buy covers President Trump’s Bedminster golf club.

“Can someone please remind Jim Lamon that he’s running to represent Arizona, not whichever golf course Trump is currently using?” said ADP Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer. “This ad buy is just the latest sign that for Lamon and this primary field, Arizonans and their interests will always come second to President Trump.”