February 8, 2021 Press Releases

Release: President Biden And Vice President Harris Have to Clean Up Ducey’s Mess

For Immediate Release
Monday, February 8, 2021
Contact: Matt Grodsky, mgrodsky@azdem.org

Release: President Biden And Vice President Harris Have to Clean Up Ducey’s Mess

PHOENIX – Today President Biden and Vice President Harris took a virtual tour of the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, one of Arizona’s state-run COVID-19 vaccination sites. We’re thankful the Biden-Harris administration is working to aggressively manage the pandemic and hopeful their commitment will bring an end to this crisis. The stark reality is that thousands of Arizonans have needlessly lost their lives because of Governor Ducey’s failure.

Ducey Failed Arizona: 

  • Because of Governor Ducey’s previous preference to kowtow to former President Trump instead of leading in a crisis, we have lost over 14,000 Arizonans.
  • Ducey has failed to implement a common-sense statewide mask mandate, and obstructed local mayors who tried to put the life-saving policy in place
  • He’s responsible for an erratic, disorganized vaccine rollout and lack of COVID-19 testing sites.
  • Ducey refuses to support those hardest hit by the pandemic and has failed to deploy a rural communities health strategy.
  • Instead of delivering desperately needed help to our communities, he misused Cares Act money to prop up state agency budgets and rush through a corporate tax cut.
  • The state’s average daily COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 people over the past seven days also ranked fifth in the nation as of Sunday.

Raquel Terán, Arizona Democratic Party Chair, stated the following: 

“Despite Trump and Ducey’s failures, President Biden is delivering for the American people and continues to ramp up vaccine production and distribution. Instead of leading Arizona through a crisis, Governor Ducey chose to appease Trump while thousands of Arizonans died. He botched COVID-19 management and he dropped the ball on the vaccination rollout.”