December 7, 2020 Press Releases

Release: Judge Fails To See Conflict Of Interest With A Lobbyist And Trump Loyalist Joining The Independent Redistricting Commission

For Immediate Release
Monday, December 7, 2020
Contact: Matt Grodsky, [email protected]

Release: Judge Fails To See Conflict Of Interest With A Lobbyist And Trump Loyalist Joining The Independent Redistricting Commission

Arizona Democratic Party Responds To Dismissal Of Democratic Legislative Leaders’ IRC Lawsuit


PHOENIX – Last week Judge Janice Crawford of Maricopa County Superior Court dismissed the complaint brought by legislative leaders challenging the eligibility of Thomas Loquvam, a paid registered lobbyist, and Robert Wilson, a Trump rally host, as potential independent chairs of the 2021 Independent Redistricting Commission.

Arizona Democratic Party spokesman Matt Grodsky issued the following statement:

“The Arizona Democratic Party finds Judge Crawford’s decision disappointing and confounding. The holding that the Democratic legislative leaders lack standing to challenge the constitutionality of this finalist selection process is shocking; In 2010, Republican legislative leaders were able to successfully pursue similar claims in the Arizona Supreme Court. There are clear, justiciable issues with Mr. Loquvam and Mr. Wilson’s eligibility, which the Ducey-appointed Commission of Appellate Court Appointments chose to ignore.

“Commissioners will be left with only three qualified candidates from which to choose their chair. It is unfortunate that the tainted, politicized selection process conducted by Ducey’s Commission on Appellate Court Appointments has resulted in this outcome, which would very likely be upheld in any appeal to Ducey’s packed Supreme Court.

“For years, Democrats have had to fight back against Governor Ducey’s blatant efforts to undermine vital democratic institutions. He has appointed a Commission on Appellate Court Appointments that no longer represents the diversity of Arizona’s population, as required in our constitution. He appointed Commissioners to rubber-stamp a Supreme Court applicant who in his career argued only one case in appellate court and spent his time as Maricopa County Attorney protecting an alleged sexual harasser and stockpiling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of firearms and ammunition. While the nation watches as another Republican, the Governor’s close confidant in the White House, is doing all he can to undermine a fair and secure election, in Arizona we have been witnessing the Republican subversion of our democratic institutions for years.

“Despite this court’s decision, Democrats will remain undeterred. The Arizona Democratic Party is committed to doing all we can to uphold the will of Arizona voters, and to fight for a fair and independent redistricting process in 2021.”