October 27, 2020 Press Releases

Release: Joan Greene Will Restore Integrity To CD05

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Contact: Matt Grodsky, [email protected]

Release: Joan Greene Will Restore Integrity To CD05

PHOENIX – In just one week, voters in CD05 will have a chance to deny Rep. Andy Biggs two more embarrassing years in the House and instead elect Joan Greene, who will restore competence, compassion, and integrity to CD05.

Rep. Biggs urged Arizonans to ignore national and local public health guidance on COVID-19. He claimed Arizonans should be able to use hydroxychloroquine as a preventive COVID-19 measure, and he’s urged the public to “unmask.” Biggs has also voted against every COVID-19 relief bill.

Joan Greene recognizes the importance of relying on truth, science, and data to combat COVID-19. As Congresswoman she’ll follow the data and the experts so that Arizonans in CD05 are given the most reliable information possible to keep them safe and secure during this crisis.

Rep. Biggs has been disastrous for healthcare. Biggs introduced legislation to fully repeal the Affordable Care Act, Biggs also voted against lowering the cost of prescription drugs.

Greene knows that all Arizonans deserve access to affordable, quality healthcare. And that includes coverage for pre-existing conditions. Greene has made it clear that nobody should lose their homes, stop medical treatment, or decide between groceries and medicine because they cannot afford the care they need. Greene will support legislation that protects patients’ rights and will pursue a Medicare buy-in plan for individuals under the age of 65.

Biggs has shown he is only interested in representing the fringe right. When the time came for him to defend his record, Biggs opted to not debate his opponent and instead chose to hide from the people of CD05.

Greene believes that we need leadership that can put country over party and isn’t afraid to share her beliefs with Arizonans. Greene recently appeared on Sunday Square Off to discuss her positions, but Biggs chose not to appear. Greene wants to break the partisan gridlock in Washington to stop corrupt politicians from benefiting off the backs of everyday Americans.

“Rep. Biggs’s record was bad enough before this pandemic, but in a time of crisis he’s shown that he’s more interested in dangerous conspiracy theories and promoting harmful policies than looking out for the best interests of his constituents,” said Matt Grodsky, Arizona Democratic Party spokesman, “Joan Greene will work for the people of her district, regardless of party. She will follow the science to combat this virus and she will advance legislation that makes life better for her constituents. The choice is not difficult, voters must choose Joan Greene next week.”