October 12, 2020 Press Releases

Release: Gosar & Biggs Refuse To Face Their Opponents

For Immediate Release
Monday, October 12, 2020
Contact: Matt Grodsky, mgrodsky@azdem.org

Release: Gosar & Biggs Refuse To Face Their Opponents

PHOENIX – Debate season has been underway for the last several weeks. Debates present an opportunity for constituents to hear directly from their candidates as they exchange ideas with one another and make their case to voters. But the constituents of Arizonans CD04 and CD05 will not have that opportunity because their incumbent Republican Congressmen refuse to debate their opponents. Why? It’s likely because they can’t defend their records:

Gosar Has Too Much Baggage To Compete On A Debate Stage: 

Rep. Gosar has a 4% rating from the Alliance for Retired Americans — including for opposing a minimum wage increase and voting to support insurance companies’ ability to charge higher premiums for older Americans and people with pre-existing conditions.

He’s made the outrageous claim that voting by mail is dangerous despite having voted by mail at least 8 times and being signed up on Arizona’s permanent early voting list.

Gosar was condemned for posing for a photo with right-wing extremists on the 4th of July. He was photographed taking a picture with a member of the Proud Boys, a far-right neo-fascist organization.

Six of Gosar’s siblings recently released a joint statement condemning Gosar and his record of supporting tax giveaways for corporations and the very wealthy, and endorsing his challenger, Delina DiSanto.

Biggs Can’t Back-up His Record Under Scrutiny: 

Rep. Biggs voted for the GOP tax law, which added $1.6 trillion to the national debt, and will send more than 80% of its benefits to large corporations and America’s wealthiest, which includes  Biggs.

Butt Rep. Biggs’s status as a national embarrassment for Arizona has been exacerbated since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While spreading coronavirus misinformation, Biggs voted against every COVID-19 relief bill, called for Dr. Fauci to be fired, urged Arizonans to flout national and local public health guidance on COVID-19, and urged members of the public to “unmask.”

Matt Grodsky, spokesman for the Arizona Democratic Party, issued the following statement: 

“Rep. Gosar and Rep. Biggs have shown for the last several years that they have a lot in common: while backing tax giveaways to big corporations and the wealthiest Americans, they’ve supported plans to let insurance companies jack up premiums on older Americans and those with pre-existing conditions. And when it comes to coronavirus, both Biggs and Gosar have intentionally spread coronavirus misinformation that has put Arizonans’ lives at risk.”

“By refusing to debate their opponents, Gosar and Biggs have proven that they don’t have the fortitude to defend their actions and square off against their Democratic challengers. Arizonans in CD04 and CD05 deserve leaders that will put them first and who are unafraid to face their constituents. They deserve Delina DiSanto and Joan Greene.”

“With their refusal to give Arizonans a chance to see their candidates engage, Gosar and Biggs have forfeited their right to hold their seats.”