January 11, 2021 Press Releases

Release: Get It Together, Governor

Release: Get It Together, Governor

PHOENIX – The state of the State is troubled. Yet again,  Arizona remains competitive for the number one spot in the world for per capita COVID-19 cases. Yesterday, Arizona health officials reported over 11,000 new COVID-19 cases and more than 100 additional deaths from the pandemic. The state’s total COVID-19 infections moved to nearly 619,000 and we have now lost over 10,000 Arizonans since the disease took hold last year.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the Trump-inspired insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, Ducey issued a weak condemnation without calling out the President directly. This silence comes after Ducey dragged his feet for weeks before acknowledging President-elect Biden won the election.

As the Governor prepares for his annual State of the State address, here’s a recap of his shortcomings.


Here’s Where Ducey Has Fallen Short: 

NO MASK MANDATE: Ducey has led from behind since COVID-19 upended Arizonans’ lives last spring. Despite the urging of health officials, Ducey has rejected the idea of a statewide mask mandate.

MYSTERY ARRIVALS: Ducey punted on the idea of screening people entering Arizona.

RELIEF MISMANAGEMENT: Ducey has continuously mismanaged the delivery of relief dollars that were meant for struggling families and testing assistance. There are even implications that funds were used to generate a false “surplus” in the state budget in order to justify a tax cut.

CHILD SAFETY: And what about our children? Ducey has inexplicably denied Superintendent Kathy Hoffman’s request to return to online only learning for a two week period to address the post holiday COVID cases spike.

REDISTRICTING: The Independent Redistricting Commission is on the verge of a crisis of integrity given the Governor’s attempts to control the Commission and stack it with Trump loyalists. Without fair and competitive districts, Arizona will continue to experience gerrymandered districts that elevate the most extreme Republicans over the next decade.

GOP LEADERSHIP: Consistently plagued by low favorability and given his lackluster response to the pandemic, Ducey has made a compelling case why Democrats must succeed him when his term expires in 2022.

Arizona Democratic Party spokesman, Matt Grodsky, issued the following statement: 

“Ducey trying to find the courage to lead is like trying to ‘find the fraud’ for Trump in Georgia. It’s just not there. Arizonans are no longer taking the Governor seriously. From his failed COVID-19 response, to his weak attempt to rein in the radical elements of his own party, to meddling with the IRC, Ducey has abdicated his responsibilities. The Governor has shown Arizonans why his office should not go to a Republican when his term is up next year.”