June 15, 2021 Press Releases

Release: Do GOP Senate Primary Candidates Think Trump is Still the Leader of the GOP?

PHOENIX — President Trump has dominated the crowded, chaotic, and expensive GOP Senate primary thus far, ensuring that he and his focus on the conspiracy-driven Maricopa ‘audit’ remain center stage. And each candidate has followed along, shaping much of their campaigns around seeking the former president’s favor.

As a reminder: Lamon purchased ads to air at Trump’s New Jersey golf course, McGuire majorly flip-flopped around the validity of the 2020 election to avoid Trump’s ire, and “lackluster” Brnovich entered the primary desperately trying to downplay Trump’s attacks on him in the press.

But as this messy primary heats up, voters deserve to know if each candidate still sees Trump as the leader of the party.

This question has become all the more important, especially after Governor Ducey, who Trump called the 2nd worst Republican Governor in the countryhas said he in fact does believe Trump still leads the GOP.

“President Trump clearly intends to play a major role in the Arizona Senate primary, weighing in and criticizing candidates if they step out of line or disagree with him (cc: ‘Lackluster’ Brnovich),” said ADP Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer. “With Trump’s shadow hanging over the primary, Arizonans deserve to know if the candidates believe President Trump is still the leader of the GOP and if they’ll single-mindedly follow along with whatever he says, even when that means hurting Arizonans.”