June 4, 2021 Press Releases

Release: Do GOP Senate Primary Candidates Support 2nd Maricopa ‘Audit’?

In the weeks since the Maricopa ‘audit’ began, it has become synonymous with baseless conspiracies and untrustworthy counting procedures, prompting both Republican and Democratic elected officials to call for its end.

But as President Trump continues his blind pursuit of these false election conspiracies, State Republicans are now floating the idea of a second election ‘audit,’ to be run by an equally unqualified firm.

With the ‘audit’ already a major litmus test in the GOP Senate primary and Trump’s continued pressure on candidates to join him on this unpopular issue, Arizonans deserve to know where each candidate stands.

ADP Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer released the following statement:

“The ongoing Maricopa ‘audit’ is as absurd as it is dangerous, and a second conspiracy-driven ‘audit’ would only further erode trust in Arizona’s elections. In the face of this second potential recount, Arizonans deserve to know if GOP Senate primary candidates will continue sticking with President Trump or stand up to these dangerous lies and defend Arizona voters.”