June 28, 2021 Press Releases

RELEASE: CNN Analysis: How Trump is “already sabotaging” Senate Republicans’ chances in Arizona

PHOENIX — new analysis by CNN details how former President Trump’s role in the Arizona GOP U.S. Senate primary spells trouble for the already chaotic and expensive nominating contest and is “already sabotaging” Republicans’ chances.

Late last week, Trump released a statement celebrating the fact that Governor Ducey again said he wouldn’t run for Senate. In his comments, Trump condemned Ducey for his failure “to perform on the Voter Fraud in Arizona.” Trump’s comments only reinforce what’s already become clear: the increasingly unpopular conspiracy-driven ‘audit’ has become a major “purity test” in this primary.

Trump has taken center stage in this primary from the start, with each candidate more focused on catering to Trump than looking out for Arizonans:

  • Lamon ran ads targeting Trump’s New Jersey golf course.
  • In response to blistering criticism from Trump, “lackluster” Brnovich defended the conspiracy-driven Maricopa ‘audit.’
  • McGuire similarly flip-flopped from acknowledging Biden as president to saying he’s “disappointed” the Electoral College didn’t overturn the election.

But as Trump continues to involve himself in this crowded primary, even his endorsement likely won’t be able to clear a primary field, further bad news for Republicans in this sure to be long-running Arizona race.

“As President Trump continues to play a major role in the Arizona GOP Senate primary, Senate candidates aren’t even pretending they’re doing anything other than catering directly to Trump and his conspiracy theories, even when that means selling out Arizonans,” said ADP Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer. “The only thing that’s certain is this expensive and long-running primary is getting more chaotic by the day.”