September 16, 2020 Press Releases

Release: Biggs Plagues Arizona With False Information

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Contact: Matt Grodsky,

Release: Biggs Plagues Arizona With False Information

PHOENIX – Rep. Biggs has always marched to the tune of a different drummer, but his behavior in the last several months has revealed his true character. Besides voting against every COVID-19 relief bill and calling for Dr. Fauci to be fired, Biggs has been giving irresponsible and inaccurate medical advice to his constituents — a move unbecoming of someone who has been elected to Congress.

Just a few days ago, Rep. Biggs urged Arizonans to flout national and local public health guidance on COVID-19. He claimed Arizonans should be able to use hydroxychloroquine as a preventive COVID-19 measure, though it’s not recommended for prophylactic use by the federal or state government. Biggs has also been urging members of the public to “unmask.”

Matt Grodsky, a spokesman for the Arizona Democratic Party, issued the following statement: 

“Biggs has tweeted for Arizonans to unmask, claiming it is a ‘path of renewed freedom’. But the only thing Arizonans want freedom from is Andy Biggs and his embarrassing rhetoric. This November, voters must choose Joan Greene to replace Biggs so that we can restore common sense and sound leadership to CD5.”

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