June 10, 2021 Press Releases

Release: AZ Republic Reports McGuire Acknowledged Biden As “Duly Elected” Before Entering Trump-Dominated Primary

PHOENIX — In Mick McGuire’s Senate campaign launch, he claimed he would “fight for what’s right. No excuses.” But less than one week into his campaign, McGuire’s already descended into the worst sort of politics, backtracking on his previous acknowledgment that President Biden is the “duly elected president.”

As the Arizona Republic reports, McGuire had not only previously accepted Biden’s victory but urged others to abandon any arguments to the contrary, a claim that “could put him sideways with Trump…[who] has already warned there could be political consequences for not embracing the baseless notion of a stolen election.”

But McGuire is a full-fledged politician who in response to this story changed his tune, saying he was “disappointed in the outcome of the casting of the Electoral College,” and noted his support for the Maricopa ‘audit.’ This major flip flop will sure to become fodder in this chaotic and “fractured” GOP primary as Arizonans and his primary opponents rightfully question where he actually stands on this important issue.

“In this already chaotic primary where candidates fight for President Trump’s support, McGuire has shown he’s the worst sort of politician, willing to immediately flip flop on this issue to avoid standing up to Trump,” said ADP Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer. “After adopting the disturbingly extreme position that he wishes the Electoral College had subverted the will of Arizona voters and joined his primary opponent in supporting the Maricopa ‘audit,’ Arizonans know there’s nothing McGuire won’t do for his own political gain.”