September 15, 2020 Press Releases

Release: Arizona Democrats Remind Voters To Vote For All Three Democrats For The Corporation Commission

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Contact: Matt Grodsky,

Release: Arizona Democrats Remind Voters To Vote For All Three Democrats For The Corporation Commission

PHOENIX – Three of the five seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission will be decided in this year’s election. The commission regulates Arizona’s electric, water, and gas utilities. The panel is currently dominated by Republicans, but that could all change this November.

The only Democrat on the commission is Commissioner Sandra Kennedy who won a seat on the all-Republican board in 2018. Democrats now have an opportunity to provide support to Commissioner Kennedy’s efforts on the commission by electing three Democrats in November. Democrats are encouraged to vote for all three.

Who are the Democratic candidates for the commission?

See Below Candidate Spotlights According to the Arizona Republic:

Mundell previously served on the commission, as well as a state lawmaker and municipal court judge:

“Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, you should be concerned about the undue influence the utilities have on the Corporation Commission […] This undue influence has led to nonstop, unjustified rate increases and a significant reduction in rooftop solar installations.”

Stanfield is a former Cave Creek Town Council member and retired teacher:

“Arizona’s requirement for [utilities to generate 15 percent of their energy from renewable resources by 2025] was not sufficient 12 years ago, when it was adopted. But, it was the best that could be done at the time considering the makeup of the Commission […] Today, the ‘requirement’ is irresponsible, inadequate and negligent.”  Stanfield said.

Tovar is the Mayor of Tolleson, a Realtor, and former state lawmaker. She also previously worked as a teacher.

“Regardless of what role I’ve taken on, the one question I always ask myself before making any decision was this: will it be good for my residents and the long-term future of our community? It’s why I am now running for the Arizona Corporation Commission. I believe that far too often, many of the Corporation Commissioners have forgotten about the very people they were elected to serve: the consumers of Arizona. I want to expand renewable energy, create new jobs across our state, and restore transparency and integrity to the Corporation Commission.” Tovar said.

Matt Grodsky, a spokesman for the Arizona Democratic Party, issued the following statement: 

“If voters want to stop corruption, ensure utility rates are fair, and expand renewable energy, then they must vote for all three Democrats for the Corporation Commission. Voters have a rare opportunity to make a substantial difference in our state by flipping the balance of power on the commission. We cannot squander this opportunity.”

The voter registration deadline for the election is October 5th. Early ballots become available on October 7th. Learn more about Democratic candidates here. Learn more about voting here.