June 9, 2021 Press Releases

Release: Arizona Democrats Launch Statewide Coordinated Campaign To Re-Elect Mark Kelly And Democrats At Every Level Of The Ballot In 2022

2022 Mission for Arizona coordinated campaign is poised to be largest ever for a midterm election

PHOENIX — Today, Arizona Democrats announced the re-launch of its Coordinated Campaign, “Mission for Arizona,” a unified statewide campaign focused on organizing and mobilizing communities across Arizona to re-elect Senator Mark Kelly and Democrats up and down the ticket.

In 2020, the historic Mission for Arizona Coordinated Campaign saw over 34,000 Arizonans participate in volunteer efforts, resulting in over 1.7 million digital, phone, and in-person conversations with Arizona voters. This work played a key role in President Joe Biden and Senator Mark Kelly’s elections.

Building on that success, and in partnership with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), Mission for Arizona is starting earlier than any Arizona coordinated campaign ever before. The program will serve as Democrats’ central hub for resources, organizing, voter protection, and political infrastructure in 2022.

From the outset, it will focus on organizing and engaging with Latino and young Arizonans across the state, two key parts of the coalition that flipped the state in 2020. The team will train and empower local volunteer leaders, and build long-term relationships with and mobilize key voters.

“Senator Kelly and Democrats up and down the ticket have been hard at work delivering real results on the issues that matter most,” said Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party Raquel Terán. “Mission for Arizona will organize in every corner of the state to elect Democrats working so hard on behalf of all Arizonans. I’m proud to launch the 2022 coordinated campaign and join with thousands of Arizonans ready to get to work as part of the largest midterm coordinated campaign in Arizona history.”

“In 2020, Democrats were successful thanks to the immense and diverse volunteer infrastructure that mobilized Arizonans across the state to elect President Biden, Senator Mark Kelly, and re-elect House Democrats. In 2022, we’re starting earlier than ever before, organizing to re-elect Mark Kelly and elect Democrats up and down the ticket,” said Sean McEnerney, Mission for Arizona’s Coordinated Campaign Director. “There is so much at stake in this election and our work is critical to elect leaders who will focus on the issues that matter most to Arizona, not partisan politics or corporate special interests.”

The 2022 Mission for Arizona Coordinated Campaign is led by Sean McEnerney, who was previously the Organizing Director for the 2020 Coordinated Campaign. Lorenza Ramírez is Mission for Arizona’s Organizing Director and was a Deputy Organizing Director for the program last cycle, where she oversaw the Latino and Spanish-language Organizing Program.