July 1, 2021 Press Releases

Release: ADP Statement on Brnovich v. DNC Supreme Court Decision

Phoenix – In a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court today decided to allow two of Arizona’s burdensome voter restriction policies to stand. One of the policies largely bans third-party ballot collection, which particularly threatens Native American voters and another rejects voters’ ballots if cast outside their precinct.

This decision sets a dangerous precedent for partisan efforts to restrict eligible voters. However, the Arizona Democratic Party and the 2022 Mission for Arizona Coordinated Campaign have already begun preparing for a massive voter education and protection program to ensure eligible Arizona voters have the information and support they need to cast their ballots.

In the wake of this decision, ADP Chair Raquel Terán released the following statement:

“This disappointing Supreme Court decision is an attack on Arizonans trying to exercise their right to vote. But, even in the face of this decision, Arizona Democrats are organized earlier than ever before to inform Arizonans on how to overcome these restrictions and make their voices heard at the ballot box.

 “It’s impossible to ignore that this ruling and these voter restriction laws are the culmination of Republicans’ longtime efforts to sow distrust and doubt in our election system, with politicians like Mark Brnovich leading the charge. In open court, the Arizona Republican Party’s own lawyer admitted that the purpose of the laws was to gain political advantage. This is just the latest proof that Republican leaders are willing to betray Arizona voters for their own political gain.”