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Redistricting FAQ

  • Which district(s) am I in? Your state legislative district and your U.S. Congressional district have changed as a result of the constitutionally required redistricting process, which takes place every ten years.
  • Do I have new representatives? The lawmakers you elected in 2020 will continue to represent you for the rest of their terms, through the end of 2022. You will elect new state legislators and a U.S. Congressperson from your new districts later this year; they will then take office in 2023.
  • Which precinct am I in?  In addition to the redistricting of the congressional and legislative maps, every ten years each county also redraws the supervisor districts, voting precincts, justice precincts, and other special districts. Per state statute, the counties must complete their redistricting by July 1, 2022. Processes and timelines vary by county. If you have questions about your county’s process, connect with your county Democratic Party organization.
  • Where will I vote now? Voting locations vary by election, and these will be announced by your county elections office later this year. Your county or LD Democratic Party organization will also have this information when it becomes available.
  • I heard that my new district now has either too many lawmakers or not enough. How can that be? Because the next election will be utilizing the new district lines, one of more of your current legislators may not live in your new district. Additionally, in some cases, more than one State Senator or more than two State Representatives may now live in the same new district. For a breakdown of the legislators and candidates who are running in your new district, we recommend attending an upcoming meeting of your county Democratic Party or, in the case of Maricopa  and Pima, your upcoming LD meeting.
  • How will redistricting impact local Democratic Party organizations? (“Re-org”) In Maricopa and Pima counties, the county Democratic Party is also organized at the Legislative District (“LD”) level. The implementation of a new legislative map will trigger a reorganization (“re-org”) at the LD level for these two counties only.
      • If you are a PC or State Committeeperson and have questions about your LD re-org, please contact your LD Leadership: Maricopa | Pima




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