November 18, 2021 Press Releases

RECAP: Democrats Celebrate President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Tout Investments in Transit, Internet, and More

PHOENIX — Earlier today, standing outside the Roosevelt/Central Avenue light rail station in downtown Phoenix, Arizona Democratic Party Chair Raquel Terán hosted a bilingual press conference with Vice Mayor Carlos Garcia and local labor leader Yolanda Bejarano to highlight President Joe Biden’s new Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and how it will be pivotal for Arizona, particularly in Latino communities across the state.

The speakers highlighted how, no thanks to every single Arizona Republican who voted against the law, President Biden’s infrastructure package is going to deliver over $6 billion to Arizona to invest in everything from reliable, high-speed internet to public water systems — all while creating good-paying, union jobs.

Watch the whole presser HERE.

Here’s what the speakers at today’s press conference had to say:
ADP Chair Raquel Terán (LD-30):

  • “This, to be frank, is a generational downpayment on our future and it’s worth celebrating. This is a victory for this country, for Arizona, and for our Latino communities — but let’s remember that not a single Arizona Republican voted for this deal.” 
  • “Reps. Gosar, Biggs, Schweikert, and Lesko all said no to jobs. They said no to better roads and safer bridges. They said no to clean drinking water. They said no to reliable internet access. They said no, but Democrats delivered anyway.”

Phoenix Vice Mayor Carlos Garcia (District 8): 

  • “To say that these funds in this infrastructure bill are going to change the future of Arizona forever is not an understatement. What we see behind us: the light rail, the roads, and the water infrastructure will forever be changed, especially for communities like the ones I represent in South Phoenix.”
  • “We’re really excited to get to work to make sure that we prioritize equity and the ability to have a sustainable city for those that live here and those that may move here in the future.”

Phoenix Labor Leader and ADP Vice-Chair Yolanda Bejarano :

  • “One of the most historic aspects of President Biden’s legislation is the $100 million that Arizona is set to receive to ensure that every single household has access to high-speed, reliable internet.”
  • “This funding will ensure that our children have internet access to do their homework at night and small businesses are connected for affordable prices and as competitive as possible. But also, Biden’s new law ensures that the companies who are building this broadband infrastructure and expanding our capabilities adhere to high labor standards.”
  • “It’s simple, President Biden is building for the future while centering the workers who will get us there. He’s accelerating our path to full employment and ensuring that those who build the roads, lay the broadband lines, revamp our water infrastructure, and modernize our public transportation are paid their fair share. Because of this, we will build an Arizona that is meant to last.”