May 22, 2020 Press Releases

Recap: A Bad Week For Martha McSally

Recap: A Bad Week For Martha McSally

McSally’s week started with an Arizona Republican strategist saying, “she’s going to lose.” Somehow, things only got worse from there.

PHOENIX — It’s only Friday morning, and U.S. Sen. Martha McSally has already had a truly awful week:

Monday: An Arizona GOP strategist told a national political reporter of McSally, “There’s no love for her […] she’s going to lose.”

Tuesday: An Arizona pollster announced, “McSally is doing terribly.”

Wednesday: Another Arizona pollster said, “I would not be totally surprised to see the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee give up on McSally at some point to move resources into Colorado, Maine and North Carolina.”

Thursday: According to Politico, “Trump himself said he was concerned about McSally [during a conversation with Mitch McConnell], according to three people familiar with the discussion.” With those kinds of doubts from Trump, It’s no wonder that McSally is dodging weekly debate challenges from her GOP primary opponent.

Also On Thursday: McSally was caught on tape misrepresenting her well-documented opposition to direct relief for Arizona cities and towns, which had led Arizona mayors to say that “McSally’s stance threatens critical public services in their communities.”

More From Thursday: The Arizona Mirror looked at how McSally is “following [the] GOP playbook in 2020” — specifically the Mitch McConnell-issued NRSC memo urging “candidates not to defend President Donald Trump over his handling of the outbreak,” and instead focus on attacking China. But despite McSally and national Republicans’ focus on China, the Mirror reported that “McSally also had investments tied to Chinese companies.”

Even More From Thursday: The Arizona Daily Star reported that McSally has, like Trump, promoted hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 treatment, despite health warnings from experts and the FDA.