February 14, 2020 Press Releases

Questions McSally Should Answer

Questions Martha McSally Should Answer

PHOENIX — Since early November (remember this?), U.S. Sen. Martha McSally has almost never made herself available, in-person, to Arizona media.

With the U.S. Senate in recess for the next week, and McSally back in Arizona, here are some basic questions that she should have to answer:

  1. On Trump’s new military funding raid that could impact Arizona: What — if any — concrete actions will McSally take to protect Arizona and stop Trump’s new raid on military funding that could cause Arizona military bases to “take a big hit”?

  2. On Trump’s budget and deep Medicaid cuts: Does McSally stand by Trump’s 2021 budget, including its $1 trillion cut from Medicaid — a program that, via Arizona’s AHCCCS, provides health care to 2 in 5 Arizona kids and 3 in 5 nursing home residents? And does McSally support Trump’s new proposal to cap and cut Medicaid spending?

  3. On the GOP suit to end pre-existing condition coverage protections: With Trump coming to Arizona to campaign for McSally, we deserve a definitive answer: Does McSally support or oppose the Trump-GOP lawsuit that would end pre-existing condition coverage protections? (Previously, McSally said, “It’s not my role” to oppose the suit.)

  4. On prescription drug prices: Why hasn’t McSally come out in support of bipartisan efforts to let Medicare negotiate for lower prescription drug prices? Is it because the pharma interests backing her campaign oppose Medicare price negotiation?