August 5, 2020 Press Releases

Primary Night Update: Arizona Democrats Outshine AZGOP In Early Vote, Independents Overwhelmingly Vote Democratic

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Contact: Matt Grodsky, [email protected]

Primary Night Update: Arizona Democrats Outshine AZGOP In Early Vote, Independents Overwhelmingly Vote Democratic

PHOENIX – Arizona Democrats are on the path to a historic November election. Last night, Arizona Democrats crushed 2016’s total voter turnout results with mail-in ballots alone and kept building from there throughout election day. Early vote turnout now stands at approximately 38% vs 34% from 2016. It is indisputable, Democrats soundly beat Republicans in early voting numbers.

Total Democrats Voting (Prior to Election Day): 476,000 approximately.

Total Republicans Voting (Prior to Election Day): 474,000 approximately. 

One of the most notable statistics is the Independent vote. In early primary voting across the state, Independents broke for Democrats by a margin of 8,000 votes.

There were approximately 110,000 Independents that voted early, 54% of them broke for Democrats.

And of the approximately 60,000 Independents that voted a Democratic ballot, approximately 30,000 of them had never voted in a state primary before.

We greatly appreciate all of our poll workers and election officials who made this election happen safely and smoothly.

The results speak for themselves, tonight Arizona Democrats and proud Independents made their voices heard and showed that they are fired up to get this country back on course this November. The Republicans underperformed across the state in early voting. In Maricopa County, it’s clear that the AZGOP is still grappling with the remnants of the Joe Arpaio era as he and his former number two, Jerry Sheridan, are locked in a dead heat.

Matt Grodsky, spokesman for the Arizona Democratic Party issued the following on the Maricopa County Sheriff’s race:

“The politics of hatred and division are not welcome here. Sheriff Penzone has put the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office on the right path for the first time in decades — one built on decency, respect, and community trust — and we stand behind him as we head toward November.

“Arizona Democrats are committed to protecting the Latino community from the likes of Arpaio and Sheridan as we embrace Vice President Joe Biden’s comprehensive agenda for the Latino community. We’re proud to fight alongside Joe Biden in his mission to ensure that Arizona’s Latino communities have the kind of leadership they deserve.”