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State Committee Meeting

Below is information from past meetings. The State Committee is the governing body of the Arizona Democratic Party. Membership in the State Committee consists of persons elected within the Party structure, as provided by Arizona State Statute. The Arizona Democratic Party takes pride in making certain all regions and all communities are represented in the State Committee. State Committee Members are voted into office by their precinct committeemen of their legislative district, every two years.

Previous Meeting Minutes for Approval

Minutes of the 2019-04-13 Tucson SCM

Minutes of the 2019-01-26 Phoenix SCM

Bylaws Revisions and Amendments for Consideration

Four proposed bylaws amendments

Bylaws revision re: caucuses

SUPPLEMENT: Policies and procedures for ADP Caucuses and Councils

Previously Passed Resolutions

Resolution Supporting the Passage of the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution (Passed 5/9/2015)

Resolution Supporting Universal Comprehensive Healthcare Improved Medicare for All (Passed 4/13/2019)

Resolution In Support of the Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Community (Passed 4/13/2019)

Resolution in support of the “Outlaw Dirty Money 2020” initiative (Passed 4/13/2019)

Resolution in Support of the Green New Deal (Passed 9/21/19)

Resolution in Support of Gender-Neutrality (Passed 9/21/19)

Resolution in Support of Asylum (Passed 9/21/19)

Proposed Resolutions 


Resolutions Process

  • ADP Resolutions Process – Click Here
    • Submission deadline: 8/22/2019
    • Submitting a Resolution – Click Here
  • ADP Proposed Resolution Template – Click Here

Email mdarling@azdem.org for any additional information. 

Let’s move Arizona forward.