November 3, 2019 Press Releases

One Year Out From 2020, McSally Still Not Looking Out For Arizona

One Year Out From 2020, McSally Still Not Looking Out For Arizona
Arizonans rejected Martha McSally one year ago this week — and one year out from another Election Day, she’s still voting with her special interest backers at the expense of Arizonans

PHOENIX — This Sunday marks one year until Election Day 2020, which also makes it nearly one year since Arizona last rejected unelected U.S. Sen. Martha McSally at the ballot box in November 2018.
Arizonans rejected Martha McSally in 2018 because they’ve seen that McSally can’t be trusted to put Arizonans first in Washington — they know first-hand that McSally has repeatedly sided with her corporate backers and party leaders like Mitch McConnell, rather than do what’s right for this state.
Sadly, that trend has only continued since Sen. McSally was appointed to the Senate last December. McSally is continuing to prove to Arizonans that she’ll always put her donors and partisan agenda first in Washington:
  • Voting to undermine health insurance coverage protections  True to her long record of voting to gut health care coverage protections and drive up costs, McSally this week voted to defend an expansion of “junk” insurance plans — plans that allow insurance companies to ignore pre-existing con dition coverage protections, deny Essential Health Benefits coverage, and even charge older people more for coverage, which the AARP calls an “age tax.” Relatedly, McSally has for months refused to stand up for Arizonans’ health care and oppose her party’s lawsuit to fully gut pre-existing condition coverage protections. Instead, McSally has said, “It’s not my role” to do so — even though she voted to enable the suit with her support for the 2017 GOP tax law. McSally has received more than $176,000 in support from health insurance and industry corporate PACs.

  • Failing to stop big pharma from jacking up prices  A recent report described McSally as “giving the cold shoulder to a bipartisan bill aimed at lowering drug prices,” and suggested that she’s afraid of inviting “a backlash from both conservatives and the pharmaceutical industry.” While McSally’s pharmaceutical industry corporate donors have continued to jack up prices, McSally’s failed to take any substantive action to hold them accountable, and continued to oppose letting Medicare negotiate for lower drug prices. McSally has received upwards of $68,000 from drug companies, while voting to give them big tax cuts and protect their profit margins. 

  • Defending GOP tax cuts for big corporations and the wealthy few — McSally has continued to stand by her vote for the 2017 Republican tax law, even as report after report has highlighted that the measure did little to boost the economy and has largely been a giveaway to McSally’s corporate donors like Chevron and Eli Lilly — neither of which paid any corporate income tax in 2018, despite earning billions in profits. McSally has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in PAC support from corporations that received a tax-cut windfall under the GOP law — including at least $36,000 from highly-profitable corporations that paid zero income tax in 2018.

  • Failing to speak up on protecting the Grand Canyon area from uranium mining — Just this week, McSally once again declined to comment or take a position on opening up the Grand Canyon area to uranium mining. Washington Republicans and McSally’s mineral extraction and fossil fuel industry corporate backers have been pushing to open up the Grand Canyon to uranium mining since 2017, so it’s no surprise that she’s refusing to stand up for Arizona on this key issue. Since 2012, McSally has received more than $480,000 from mineral extraction and fossil fuel industry corporate PACs.

  • Voting with Mitch McConnell 98% of the time — Since being appointed to the Senate, McSally has been voted with Mitch McConnell 98% of the time — almost as though McSally still owes McConnell after he personally lobbied for her to be appointed to the Senate in December 2018. Sadly, it’s just another proof point that McSally’s partisan politics and special interest loyalties will always come ahead of taking the right vote for Arizonans. During the 2018 Senate race, McConnell-linked groups spent more than $21 million to try to buy the election for McSally.
Given Martha McSally’s proven record siding with her corporate backers at the expense of our state, it should surprise no one that Washington special interest groups are already pouring in millions to keep McSally working for them in Washington. A Mitch McConnell-linked dark money group spent $500,000 on TV ads to help McSally back in August, and another group, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, just increased its McSally advertising support to about $1 million on TV.
“One year out from the 2020 election, Arizonans know who Martha McSally is, and that she’s still working for her big corporate donors at the expense of working families here in Arizona,” said Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson Brad Bainum. “There’s no better proof point than the millions of dollars that outside corporate special interest groups are already spending to keep McSally working for them in the Senate.”