December 14, 2019 Press Releases

On This Day: “Ducey Has Lost Enthusiasm For Appointing” McSally

One Year Ago, Today: “Ducey Has Lost Enthusiasm For Appointing” McSally

PHOENIX — One year ago today, the future did not look bright for Arizona’s now-unelected U.S. Senator, according to contemporaneous Washington Post reporting:

“Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has lost enthusiasm for appointing Rep. Martha McSally, a fellow Republican, to the Senate in recent weeks even as Republican leaders in Washington have championed her.”

Those “Republican leaders in Washington” included Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who had for weeks personally lobbied Ducey to appoint McSally.

The Post’s December 13, 2018 reporting continues, noting that McSally’s “stock has fallen in the eyes of the governor,” in part because of a controversial memo that McSally’s then-and-current campaign consultants released absolving themselves of any responsibility for her 2018 loss:

“The memo sparked outrage inside Ducey’s circle and among broader swaths of influential Republicans, who felt her team did not own up to its strategic mistakes and was trying to deflect blame for her loss to Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema.”

The Post also reported “concerns about McSally’s standing among Republican donors,” but highlighted that McSally still had a decent chance to be appointed by Ducey, if only due to a “lack of obvious alternatives.”

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