September 30, 2019 Press Releases

On Mike Pence’s Arizona Fundraising Trip For Martha McSally

Arizona Democratic Party Statement On
Mike Pence’s Arizona Fundraising Trip For Martha McSally

In 2018, Washington Republican special interest groups spent nearly $22 million on McSally’s unsuccessful bid

Pence’s fundraising trip proves that Washington Republicans are committed to keeping McSally in Washington, backing their agenda at the expense of Arizona

PHOENIX — The Arizona Democratic Party issued the following statement on reports that Vice President Mike Pence will this week travel to Arizona to help fundraise for unelected U.S. Sen. Martha McSally:

“It’s no surprise that the Vice President is making a fundraising trip to bail out unelected Senator Martha McSally. From repeatedly voting to gut pre-existing condition coverage protections to backing tax cuts for billionaires and corporations, McSally has proven that she puts her party first in Washington, where she votes with Mitch McConnell 98% of the time.” — Brad Bainum, Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson

McSally once complained about having to defend the president, and she’s even declined to answer questions about supporting him in 2016, but she’s nevertheless been a rubberstamp for his administration as an unelected Senator.

Just last week, McSally again voted to let the Trump administration raid $30 million in military construction funding from Arizona’s Fort Huachuca, even though the Army has warned of “unsafe” conditions that require the construction project. 

McSally’s loyalty to Washington Republicans — including her track record of voting with Mitch McConnell 98% of the time — comes after outside special interest groups with ties to McConnell spent $22 million on McSally’s failed 2018 election bid.