November 27, 2019 Press Releases

On Grand Canyon Uranium Mining, McSally Puts Special Interest Backers First

On Grand Canyon Uranium Mining, Martha McSally Puts Special Interest Backers Ahead Of Arizona

McSally is standing with her special interest backers on Grand Canyon uranium mining, having “received at least $31,500 from mineral extraction interests since 2018”

PHOENIX — A new report highlights that Martha McSally is yet again siding with her corporate special interest backers at the expense of Arizonans — this time, by refusing to take a stand against industry-backed Grand Canyon area uranium mining that’s opposed by nearly 60% of Arizonans.

Here are the highlights from Bloomberg’s reporting:

  • “Sen. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.), who is running this year against a primary opponent as well as in the general election against Democrat Mark Kelly, hasn’t made her stance on [Grand Canyon uranium mining] known.”
  • “Neither McSally’s Senate office nor her campaign staff responded to Bloomberg Environment’s requests for comment since the House passed a bill late last month (H.R. 1373) to permanently ban uranium mining and geothermal exploration in and near the Grand Canyon. She also hasn’t spoken to Arizona media outlets about it.”
  • “McSally has defended the mining industry broadly, and has received at least $31,500 from mineral extraction interests since 2018, according to the Federal Election Commission.”
  • “The Arizona Democratic Party criticized McSally for withholding her views. ‘McSally has remained silent on the issue—further proving that she’ll always side with her party and corporate special interest donors instead [of] doing what’s right for Arizonans,’ says a blog post on the party’s website.”
  • “According to a recent poll of 600 Arizona voters, 59% oppose removing restrictions on uranium mining on public lands near the Grand Canyon, with 40% strongly opposing the removal of those restrictions.”
  • “Kelly, the Democrat and a former astronaut, vouched his support for the Grand Canyon bill ahead of the Oct. 31 vote on H.R. 1373. ‘The Grand Canyon is a treasure not just for Arizona, but from the planet, and we should continue to protect this area from uranium mining,’ he said in a statement.”

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