October 27, 2020 Press Releases

No COVID Relief; McSally Campaigns Instead

No New COVID-19 Relief: Senate Republicans and
Martha McSally Take Two Weeks Off To Campaign

McSally spends first day back on campaign trail teaming up with GOP Senator who has urged the Supreme Court to eliminate pre-existing condition coverage protections

PHOENIX — Without objection from Martha McSally, Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday adjourned the Senate until November 9shutting down hope of a pre-election coronavirus relief deal so that vulnerable Senators like McSally can hit the campaign trail.

Last week, McConnell signaled Senate Republicans would oppose any potential pre-election relief deal that might earn bipartisan support from House Democrats and the White House.

So, instead of working on a new coronavirus relief deal, McSally is today hitting the campaign trail with Utah Senator Mike Lee, who’s vocally called for the Supreme Court to strike down the Affordable Care Act and the law’s coverage protections as unconstitutional.

McSally voted to pave the way for Republicans’ pending lawsuit to eliminate those protections via her support of the 2017 corporate tax giveaway, and she’s refused to vocally oppose the suit for more than a year — instead offering her “tacit support.”

McSally has also voted repeatedly to let insurance companies charge higher premiums to older Americans and Arizonans with pre-existing conditions.