June 17, 2021 Press Releases

New Video Series: Arizona Teens Thank Biden for “Very Efficient” Vaccine Rollout as Sense of Normalcy Returns

Students across the state thank President Biden, Democrats in Congress for helping them get back on campus and in the dance studio again

PHOENIX –– Today, the Arizona Democratic Party launched a new video series with Arizona students and recent high school graduates thanking President Biden and Democrats in Congress for passing the American Rescue Plan earlier this year to ramp up COVID testing, help communities get vaccinated, and provide critical resources for school safety measures.

Thanks to the leadership of the Biden-Harris administration—and no thanks to Governor Ducey or the Arizona Republicans who voted against the American Rescue Plan—the state has received billions of dollars in federal funding that has helped schools get back on track and returned a sense of normalcy ahead of summer vacation.

“Students across the state are finally feeling a return to normalcy after a year of missed milestones and disruptions to their education—all thanks to the swift actions of President Biden and Democrats in Congress,” said Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson Hannah Goss. “Arizona’s students won’t forget that every single Arizona Republican voted against the federal funding that has allowed them to get back to the classroom.”

Here’s what students from across the state are saying about President Biden’s pandemic response:

Daniya, Hamilton High School in Chandler:

“This past year has been hard for me due to COVID for two reasons, one being that I’m a competitive dancer and for a while, we were having to do Zoom dance. The second being that my family and I love to travel, but we haven’t been able to get on a flight in a year. But thanks to President Biden and vaccinations becoming more readily available, to especially teens, we are getting on our first flight very soon and my dance studio is back to normal.”

Lauren, Phoenix Country Day in Phoenix:

“Thank you, President Biden, for making an effort to make a difference in so many people’s lives. The American Rescue Plan has provided families in need with stimulus checks, has brought the efficient testing and vaccinations that we have longed for for what seems like forever. Thank you for providing schools with the supplies and funding that has allowed them to reopen. Thank you for donating over 500 million vaccinations to distribute internationally. Thank you, President Biden.”

Morgann, former President of the Arizona Association of Student Councils:

“Thanks to the Biden administration and their very efficient vaccine rollout, I was able to be fully vaccinated by the middle of February. This enabled so many resources for me on campus as I was able to safely attend things in person. I am very privileged to have witnessed and to have been able to represent the progress that the Biden administration has made during this pandemic.”

Reece, college sophomore:

“2020 was a difficult year for me. Not only socially, but also in terms of education. I went on Spring Break and never returned to my school. We started doing online classes which were very difficult. I never got to walk for graduation. And, I’ve just been so grateful by the efforts of the Biden administration to finally get us to return to some form of normalcy.”

Tessa, college student in Tucson:

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, college students like myself have had to completely readjust the way that we learn in order to be able to succeed in higher education. Instead of being able to study with our peers in physical college classrooms, we had to be able to learn through computer screens, on desks, at home—like mine, right here. However, thanks to the election of President Biden, the success of his administration, and effective leadership from our Democratic Representatives in Congress, there is now light at the end of that tunnel.”

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