June 2, 2020 Press Releases

New Spending: McConnell Groups To Spend $19.5M Boosting McSally

Mitch McConnell-Linked Groups Now Spending
$19.5 Million To Boost Martha McSally

PHOENIX — With $3.3 million in new “dark money” spending announced today from OneNation, Mitch McConnell-linked groups are now set to spend $19.5 million-and-counting to keep Martha McSally’s vote in the Senate, where she puts her corporate backers and party leaders first, siding with McConnell 97% of the time.

McConnell personally lobbied for McSally to be appointed to the Senate after her 2018 loss. In return, McSally has regularly sided with McConnell over Arizonans on votes like protecting the Trump administration’s expansion of AARP-opposed “junk” insurance plans that let insurance companies increase premiums on older Americans and people with pre-existing conditions.

Most recently, McSally aligned with McConnell in opposing direct relief for Arizona towns and cities — a position that Arizona mayors have indicated “threatens critical public services in their communities.”