June 2, 2021 Press Releases

New Poll: Surprise! Republicans Work On Behalf of the Wealthy…and Everyone Knows It

PHOENIX –– According to a new poll released today by Navigator Research, the majority of voters believe that Republicans in Congress work on behalf of the wealthy and big corporations. The same poll showed—by an 18-point margin—that President Joe Biden is seen as standing up for the middle class and working people. 

Clearly, voters were paying attention when every single Republican member of Congress voted against the American Rescue Plan—a historic COVID-relief package that delivered direct relief to Arizona families, schools, students, and small businesses when they needed it most.

“Despite their desperate attempts to take credit for funding they voted against, the majority of Americans know that Republicans in Congress continue to prioritize their wealthy donors and corporate backers over the working people they’re meant to represent,” said ADP Spokesperson Hannah Goss. “When someone shows us time and time again exactly who they are, we ought to believe them—and it’s clear that Republicans like David Schweikert and Andy Biggs remain dedicated to delivering tax giveaways for their wealthy friends. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress will continue to help families recover from the pandemic and build an economy that works for working people.”

Read the full Navigator Research poll here.


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