November 15, 2019 Press Releases

More Scrutiny For McSally-GOP Attacks On Health Care Protections

McSally-GOP Attacks On Health Care Protections Keep Drawing Scrutiny

McSally has continued taking votes to undermine pre-existing condition coverage protections

PHOENIX — Two recent articles highlight that Martha McSally has continued voting to undercut health care coverage protections while standing by the Republican lawsuit to eliminate coverage protections for 2.8 million Arizonans with a pre-existing condition:

Arizona Republic: Weiner and Filtz: A full Obamacare repeal would devastate Arizona’s economy

  • “In fact, Arizona would be among the hardest hit if Obamacare is repealed: 160,456 Arizonans would lose the health-care coverage they now access via the ACA marketplace. And 41,982 Arizona jobs would be lost, according to the Economic Policy Institute.”
  • “Health care was the No. 1 issue in the 2018 congressional elections and remains No. 1 now, according to a Harris poll and most others.”

AZ Big Media: Here’s why lawmakers worry about Arizona’s health insurance options

  • “The […] ruling of Texas v. Azar could leave millions of Americans without health insurance.”
  • “According to [U.S. Rep. Ruben] Gallego, the problem with repealing the ACA is that there is not replacement plan.”
  • “The plans the Republicans do come up with only involve junk insurances according Gallego.”
  • “According to Gallego, Sen. Martha McSally is not protecting those with preexisting conditions and instead is protecting junk plans. ‘Just last week [McSally] had an opportunity to basically put on statement that she’s truly going to protect those with preexisting conditions,’ Gallego said. ‘Instead, she votes to protect these junk plans.'”
  • “Arizona Sen. Martha McSally was asked to comment, but there was no response.”