December 6, 2019 Press Releases

More Coverage On McSally Siding With Big Pharma Over Arizonans

More Coverage On McSally Siding With Big Pharma Over Arizonans

Yet another news report suggests Martha McSally is taking her legislative cues from Big Pharma, rather than fighting for Arizonans

PHOENIX — Another week brings another report suggesting Martha McSally is siding with her Big Pharma backers instead of supporting legislation to lower prescription drug costs for Arizonans and stop drug companies from jacking up prices.

In a new report from the Washington Post, McSally is identified as one of several “vulnerable” Republicans who is declining to support bipartisan drug pricing reform legislation. In highlighting McSally’s opposition, the Post also explains that the pharmaceutical industry is near-uniformly opposed to the bill.

It’s no surprise that McSally is siding with the pharmaceutical industry on drug pricing reforms: McSally has received at least $198,700 from pharmaceutical and health care industry corporations. And this year alone, a big pharma-linked corporate interest group that opposes Medicare price negotiation has already announced nearly $1 million in TV ads to support McSally’s election.

In October, another report similarly identified McSally as allying herself with Big Pharma, over consumers. At the time, The Hill described McSally as “giving the cold shoulder to a bipartisan bill aimed at lowering drug prices,” suggesting that McSally is afraid of inviting “a backlash from both conservatives and the pharmaceutical industry.”

“While taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from the health care, insurance, and pharmaceutical industries, McSally has consistently sided with those corporate backers instead of standing up for Arizonans’ health care access,” said Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson Brad Bainum. “It’s disappointing, but ultimately unsurprising, to see history repeat itself, as McSally yet again sides with her Big Pharma backers over Arizonans.”