November 25, 2019 Press Releases

More Campaign Finance Lawbreaking Scrutiny For Martha McSally

More Campaign Finance Lawbreaking Scrutiny For Martha McSally

She’s already been fined $28,000 this year — and now McSally faces a new FEC complaint over breaking disclosure rules

PHOENIX — It’s happening again: Martha McSally is the subject of a new complaint filed last week with the Federal Election Commission — just the latest example of her repeated violations of campaign finance rules.

As first reported by the Associated Press, the complaint “alleges Republican Sen. Martha McSally’s campaign hasn’t done enough to collect and report the occupation and employer for its contributors.”

End Citizens United, the group that filed the complaint, “says McSally’s third quarter financial report includes at least 627 donors [– who contributed more than $284,000 –] lacking that [required] information.”

McSally has an established track record of breaking campaign finance rules — with enough violations that the Arizona Republic Editorial Board wrote in 2015 that “this many failures begins to look intentional.”

In 2019 alone, McSally’s campaign has been forced to pay $28,000 in FEC fines for campaign finance rule violations committed during McSally’s 2014 U.S. House campaign.

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