July 1, 2018 Blog

Memo on End-of-Quarter Grassroots Support

Our fundraising quarter ended last night at midnight and I’m happy to report that we hit our goal. Not only did we hit our goal, we hit it with record numbers of grassroots donations from everyday Arizonans who gave what they could, whether it was $1 or $200.

I wanted to give an update on exactly what we’re doing with the money that those thousands of grassroots donors contributed — and what you can expect any future contribution to pay for. Simply put, we’re investing in talking to Arizonans about the issues that matter to them. Whether it’s using new technology to reach our volunteers (like texting) or lacing up our tennis shoes and knocking doors across the state (with clipboards of voting info and voter registration forms), we are fully committed to getting face-to-face with as many Arizonans as possible.

These past few months, we’ve been hiring staff, writing a lot of memos (like this one!), and building the foundation for a winning operation. That’s why I’m so excited for what’s next: getting out there and doing the work. We now have staff in all 15 counties across Arizona. We had our very first Weekend of Action this past weekend. And this is just the beginning.

The task at hand isn’t small. We’re coming against big money, a steep voter registration deficit, national attention, and the Republican establishment that doesn’t want to lose their hold on our state. This campaign is only going to get more intense, with big Republican donors pushing money into Arizona to run negative ads and intimidate voters. We’re getting ahead of that by talking to Arizonans, building relationships with our volunteers, and becoming a true grassroots army.

I know we can out-organize the other side. I am asking for your help to make sure we can. And that’s why your support is so important to us. You’re putting gas in our cars, clipboards in our hands, and yes, air conditioning in our offices — and in return, we’re putting our hearts and souls into the important work to be done here. With your help, we can make it happen in Arizona come November.

We are creating a lasting Democratic foundation in Arizona for this election and elections to come. This past fundraising quarter has shown that we have a team of grassroots supporters ready to finally turn Arizona blue.

I really appreciate your support. And so does my whole team.