August 24, 2020 Press Releases

MEMO: Ahead of Republicans’ Chaos Convention, Donald Trump Facing Historic Headwinds Across Arizona

MEMO: Ahead of Republicans’ Chaos Convention, Donald Trump Facing Historic Headwinds Across Arizona

Ahead of the Republic National Convention, Donald Trump is facing historic headwinds across Arizona as a result of his failed leadership during the pandemic and throughout his presidency.  This week, Democrats announced a slate of counter convention programming during the upcoming RNC to hold him accountable and remind Americans that Trump has really only delivered on one thing — a Chaos Presidency. Here’s the state of the race in Arizona:

Arizona is a true battleground state and a serious liability for Republicans. In 2018, Democrats won historic victories in the state: electing Kyrsten Sinema as Senator, flipping 3 more statewide seats and flipping 4 seats in the Arizona House of Representatives. Now, Trump is facing historic headwinds in Arizona as communities across the state suffer the consequences of his failed pandemic response. Shifting demographics are boosting Democrats; and Independents are searching for an alternative to a GOP agenda that, in the middle of an historic public health crisis, has prioritized corporate giveaways at the expense of Arizona’s working families, leaving workers and small businesses behind.  

  • Arizona’s 2018 midterm turnout was the highest in 36 years, and Democratic victories were propelled by a surge in turnout among women and young voters, who were motivated to vote by Trump’s divisive rhetoric, corporate giveaways, and toxic attacks on health care access.

  • Democratic enthusiasm is at an all-time high. More than 587,000 Arizona Democrats voted in this year’s presidential primary, beating turnout in 2016 (468,461) and 2008 (456,626).

  • Between the 2016 and 2018 primary elections, Democratic registration grew 9 percent. Ahead of the 2020 primary, Democratic registration climbed 16 percent.

  • During this year’s primary, Democratic turnout skyrocketed to 38 percent. And in crucial Maricopa County, 51% of Independents and unaffiliated voters requested Democratic ballots.

  • Arizona’s growing population is rapidly becoming younger and more diverse. In 2018, Arizona’s population was about 45% nonwhite with a median age of 38 years. By 2030, the state will become a majority-minority state, 15 years ahead of the rest of the country.

Trump’s cratering economy, disastrous pandemic response, and toxic health care agenda have crippled his standing with voters across the state. Arizonans are fed up with Trump’s chaotic presidency and his reckless attempts to rip away health care coverage from millions of Americans right when we need it the most. 

  • For months, Trump’s failure to contain the coronavirus has held our economy hostage. Thanks to Trump, Arizonans are facing a cratering economy and a double-digit unemployment rate, with more than 1.6 million Arizonans collecting some form of unemployment benefits.

  • Across the state, Latino communities have been bearing the brunt of Trump’s failed pandemic response. In Maricopa County alone, Latinos are more than twice as likely to become infected by the coronavirus as non-Latino residents. Meanwhile, Trump’s tanking economy is erasing wealth from an entire generation of Latinos. It’s a disaster that will continue to be felt for years and decades to come.

  • Earlier this year, Trump downplayed the threat of the virus during an interview in Phoenix and promised Arizonans that it’s “going to work out fine.” And in March, Trump pledged that “anybody that wants a test can get a test.” In reality, Trump failed to implement a national testing strategy, and Arizonans have waited for hours in miles-long lines, even being turned away at some testing sites.

  • Now, even in the face of a once in a generation public health crisis, Trump and his Republican enablers — like Attorney General Mark Brnovich — are pushing ahead with a lawsuit that would strip away health care coverage from more than 360,000 Arizonans, and allow insurance companies to charge higher premiums for older Americans and  Arizonans with preexisting conditions, of which there are 2.8 million.

Democrats are already laying the groundwork to win Arizona again and defeat Trump by out-organizing and out-working our opponents. 

  • Since Mission for Arizona’s February launch, coordinated campaign organizers and volunteers have talked to hundreds of thousands of voters, recruited 2,000 regular volunteers, and built a robust organizing network to elect Joe Biden, Mark Kelly, and Democrats up and down the ballot this fall.

  • Through Organizing Corps 2020, Arizona Democrats have trained nearly 100 of the next generation of organizers to ensure that the campaign has local, well-trained staff, with a particular focus on communities of color.

  • Arizona Democrats have full-time Latinx, African American, and Native American Outreach Directors who are working to organize and mobilize these vital constituencies.

Here’s the bottom line: Trump’s chaotic presidency has wreaked havoc on Arizonans’ lives and livelihoods — and we will hold him accountable come November.