July 14, 2020 Press Releases

McSally’s GOP To Cut Jobless Benefits

Martha McSally’s GOP Expected To Cut Jobless Benefits, Even Though Arizona Will Be Among Hardest-Hit States

After July 25, many unemployed Arizonans will be left with “between about $120 and $240 a week to live off unless lawmakers here or in Washington, D.C., act.”

Hundreds of thousands of Arizonans have utilized the plussed-up benefits, which Martha McSally previously voted to cap 

PHOENIX — After no sign of action from U.S. Sen. Martha McSally, Arizona is expected to be among the hardest-hit states when Republicans allow expanded jobless benefits to expire in less than two weeks — leaving Arizonans who lost their jobs due to the pandemic with “between about $120 and $240” a week to live on.

In Arizona, the expanded benefits have helped “approximately 400,000 Arizonans.” And the state is among those where unemployed workers will be hardest hit by the benefit reduction, which is set to take effect after July 25.

Last week, Trump Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin indicated it’s likely that Republicans will push to cut off the expanded jobless benefits — echoing past rhetoric from McSally, who bragged about voting to cap the benefits, as well as Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, who has said the enhanced benefits were “a mistake” from the start.

After voting to cap the benefits, McSally argued that increased unemployment benefits for supporting Arizonans who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic will “disincentivize work.”