November 13, 2019 Press Releases

McSally’s Empty DACA Answer Highlights Her Betrayal Of Dreamers

McSally’s Empty DACA Answer Highlights Her Betrayal Of Arizona and Dreamers

Yesterday, Martha McSally reiterated support for ending the DACA program — and reminded everyone that she sold out Arizona in an effort to advance her political career

PHOENIX — Yesterday, Martha McSally reiterated her support for Republican efforts to end the DACA program — and in the process reminded Arizonans that she sold out Arizona — and Dreamers — in an attempt to advance her political career.

Here’s what McSally told the Arizona Republic on Tuesday, when she “reiterated her position that former President Barack Obama’s executive action on DACA should be ended in favor of a legislative solution”:

“It is Congress’ job to address the status and future of the DACA population […] I’ve been working to secure our border and address the status of the DACA population and I believe there is a bipartisan way to accomplish both of those goals.”

Here’s what she didn’t tell Arizonans: McSally herself abandoned a bipartisan solution in an effort to advance her political career. Despite the fact she’s been in Congress since 2015, McSally has failed to pass a permanent for DACA recipients and then took her name off of a bill that had support from both Democrats and Republicans because she was worried it would cost her support in the 2018 primary.

After selling out Arizona and Dreamers to boost her political career, Martha McSally is now endorsing her party’s efforts to eliminate a program that’s brought stability, security, and prosperity for nearly 700,000 young people, including about 25,000 Arizonans.