October 30, 2019 Press Releases

McSally Votes To Defend “Junk” Plans, Let Insurers Deny Coverage

McSally Votes To Defend “Junk” Plans, Let Her Insurance Industry Backers Deny Coverage to People with a Pre-Existing Condition

McSally voted to defend “junk” short-term plans that let insurance companies discriminate against people who have a preexisting condition and deny them coverageShort-term plans also exempt insurance companies from covering maternity care and prescription drug coverage, among other Essential Health Benefits

PHOENIX — Unelected U.S. Sen. Martha McSally today voted to defend insurance companies’ ability to take advantage of older Americans and deny coverage to people with a pre-existing condition.

McSally sided with her party leaders in voting to protect a Trump Administration rule that has expanded insurance companies’ ability to offer short-term — also called “junk” — health insurance plans.

The AARP has criticized Republican efforts to expand short-term plans because the plans allow insurance companies to:
  • “impose an age tax, charging older Americans much higher premiums”;
  • decline to “cover such essential health benefits as emergency room visits,” maternity care, and prescription drugs; and
  • “deny coverage to people with preexisting conditions.”
McSally’s vote today fits into her long, well-documented record of voting to gut pre-existing condition coverage protections and drive up premiums — a record that’s earned McSally hundreds of thousands of dollars in support from the health insurance industry and big pharma corporations.

“Martha McSally’s latest vote to undermine pre-existing condition coverage protections is just another confirmation that she’ll always put her corporate health insurance and pharmaceutical industry backers first in Washington, no matter the cost to people here in Arizona,” said Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson Brad Bainum.