January 7, 2020 Press Releases

McSally Still Selling Out AZ On Grand Canyon Uranium Mining

McSally Still Selling Out Arizona To Side With Party And Special Interest Backers On Grand Canyon Uranium Mining

Last month, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema introduced legislation to protect the Grand Canyon area from uranium mining, following the U.S. House passing a similar bill in October

McSally — who’s taken thousands of dollars from mineral extraction corporations, including an industry group that lobbied against the House bill — still refuses to support the legislation

PHOENIX — More than two months after Arizona Democrats in the U.S. House worked to pass a bill to protect the Grand Canyon from uranium mining, U.S. Sen. Martha McSally is still siding with her party leaders and corporate special interest backers at the expense of Arizona.

For the past several months, McSally has received media attention in Arizona and nationally for refusing to take a public stance on Grand Canyon uranium mining — even though nearly 60 percent of Arizonans oppose opening up the Grand Canyon area to such mining.

According to Bloomberg reporting, McSally’s failure to stand up for Arizona and protect the Grand Canyon has come as she “has received at least $31,500 from mineral extraction interests since 2018.” It also comes as McSally has since 2017 received $10,500 from MinePAC, a political action committee of the National Mining Association, a mineral extraction industry group that actively lobbied against the House-passed bill to stop Grand Canyon area uranium mining. And it comes as the Trump administration “signal[ed] a renewed push to consider uranium mining near the Grand Canyon” in June 2019.

McSally’s failure to stand up for Arizona — and decision to side with her party leaders and corporate mineral extraction donors — is now in particularly high relief with Arizona’s senior U.S. Sen. Krysten Sinema last month introducing a Senate bill to ban uranium mining around the Grand Canyon.

So far, McSally is dodging questions and has refused to support Sinema’s legislation — making it abundantly clear that this is yet another issue where she’s siding with her party and corporate interest donors at the expense of Arizonans.

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