May 22, 2020 Press Releases

McSally Still Not Advocating For Tribal Governments

“Frustrating”: The Trump Administration Is Still Blocking Relief For Tribal Governments — And Martha McSally Has Taken No Public Action To Speed Up Its Release 

Tribal governments still can’t get their full critical relief. And Martha McSally isn’t pushing for the blocked funding’s release

PHOENIX — After seven weeks, tribal governments still can’t get the relief they were promised. Where’s U.S. Sen. Martha McSally? 

On Tuesday, Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez called the delay “frustrating,” explaining, “40% [of the CARES Act funding intended for tribal governments] is still lingering out there. We had to take the Department of Treasury, the federal government to task by filing in the courts to make sure that those dollars get out to Indian Country.”

Unfortunately, McSally has taken no public action to push Trump and get tribes their full funding or additional federal relief:

  • Earlier this month: McSally told KPHO-TV, “I won’t bother your viewers with [the details of tribes’ lawsuit].”

  • This Tuesday: McSally passed up a chance to ask Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin about the delayed relief during a Senate committee hearing focused on CARES Act oversight.

  • This Wednesday: McSally indicated that she opposes a U.S. House-passed relief package that includes $20 billion to support tribal governments.

While Senator McSally has failed to lead on this issue, tribal governments like the Navajo Nation are calling for the federal support they’re owed to keep fighting the pandemic:

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